Pink, silver tinsel…. Mush ma gush it together! The roving is out of control. Its soft enough to wear! So soft I can not think of enough things to make with it. First project: to create a cute ornament/ mantel friend. Pink is my favorite color so I decided to have a pink/ white/ silver theme to our “play room” aka living room, for the holidays. We don’t have holiday decorations in this theme so make them i will.
There are mini bags stuffed to the brim with felt-able tinsel called “flash” that are fabulous. Pretty colors of tiny strands of tinsel that go right into your felting. And it looks amazing! So festive. I just want to attach it (somehow) to everything
My disclaimer.. I have never needle felted a creature or sculpture. first attempt. So this was free form and I was ‘winging it’ the whole way. I am not quite finished with Mr Nicodemus ( secret of Nimm??) He needs some Claws and a way to hang 😀
Such a fun and creative medium. If you feel that you’d like to make something like this but are not as brave to go free form, we offer classes. Our awesome felting teacher, Robin is teaching a class this weekend. It’s holiday theme and tons of fun. Her students always leave with a huge smile and definitely proud of the work they did.
So excited to be sharing my holiday gift ideas with you. Happy December.

What you’ll need to make him:
2-4 Oz’s of roving (depending on how many colors you’ll use – a little goes a LONG way)
1 bag Flash
Felting needles
Felting foam
(Or buy the kit for $10.00)