This I should save for a day closer to Christmas… Because it’s such a fast project. Only about four hours to finish one of these lush gifts. HUGE needles, a few yarns held together and the price is right my friends ;D These kits come with all the fixin’s . #35 needles, pattern, and yarn for $75.00. You can knit one up and gift a blanket or just give the kit itself.
These are pretty genius because they only take a short time to make, they are unique and we all like a snuggle sesh this time of year! Nothing makes a better snuggle (unless it’s a babe) than a chunky blanket am I right!? My family thinks so especially if this blanket can transform a few couch cushions into a fort;D
Waylon is getting one made especially by the one and only ‘Omi’ which means EvaLou probably will too;D
There are 8-10 different color choices, and they are ALL fabulous and so chunky ha ha.
We have a (too) white couch in our living room. We need!! Dear Santa…. ;D
(look how cozy my Mom looks! He he she doesn’t know I stole these pics)
Happy Knitting