IMG_8544 IMG_8545I sorta have a thing for wreaths. I love a festive wreath on the door. I really love the doors that change the wreath according to season – love that.
They can be so pricy though and the really great ones are usually out of my budget. I have a hard time justifying a crown for my door 😉 So… I have decided to make some this year. I can channel Ms. Martha Stewart (have I mention I loooovvee her?!)
The first in my door crown attempts is simple. Grabbed my trusty Pom Pom maker (you’ll have a few size options), the tiny and super sharp $7 scissors from Knitterly, and a metal wreath ring. I made the Pom pom’s while my Mr was watching a show… I’m not super speedy making them. It’s sort of meditative wrapping the yarn around the little “arms” of the Pom Pom maker. I made a bunch using a multi colored ball of encore then decided to go with my Christmas color theme this year…. Silver and PINK! 🙂
I plan to use the colorful Pom pom’s for decorating packages.
I bought a floral ring (metal and green with 3 rings all attached) and cut the attaching wires to make 3 separate rings. It ended up a good idea actually. I used the smallest ring for my felt ball wreath.
For this one I left 2 rings connected. And tied the yarn connected to the pom pom’s around the two pieces. I really love it and it was simple, fun, and kids could even make them.
Enjoy enjoy