Uh oh my “auto post” wasn’t set yesterday ☺. So you’ll get 7 and 8 today! Bonus day 😄
There is really nothing quite like a hand crafted toy. There are more toys, these days created to look homemade… Why not just make them ourselves?
My girlfriend Vanessa made her son Erio (such an awesome kid!) a knit fox awhile back. His name is Fritz and he is VERY cool. I decided to make our kids some “Fritz’s” for Christmas! Yeee! You can get “Fritz” (aka farmer fox) on Ravelry . Totally worth the $5!
These projects are smallish and have few pieces… Relatively fast… Relative to how often you finish a project😉
I’m making our friends Travis and Nicole’s daughter, Ava, (another awesome munchkin) a pony with hot pink hair from a book called Dream Toys . By Claire Garland. This book is filled with fun magical designs. A Pirate, pirate ship, cowboy, horses, mermaids, fish, princess, castle (yes a castle), fairy, unicorn… Basically is awesome!
And Waylon picked a toy from a Susan B Anderson book called “nursery knits” I cant wait to finish and gift these toys.
Ava loves her stuffies and Waylon loves animals sooo much. They will be appreciative recipients 😉
I adore Susan B Anderson patterns. She has easy to read instructions and practical designs as well as creative. Check out her blog and fun patterns like the tiny tree on Raveley for $2. There is a knit tea set that ive been eyeing for years (I know a certain little girl who may need this). Another favorite of mine is a knit dolly that has ruffle butt pants, dress, a hat with pig tails (matching for little girl as well) and a curl of baby hair on top. It’s so cool- and you’d never guess its home made.
There is also a Spud and Chloe book called Spud & Chloe At The Farm. Very cool book, also by Susan B Anderson. Pigs, cows, sheep, a knit fence. Fun ideas for kid toys. I made Waylon a pig from her itty bitty toys book when he was a babe. I still love that toy and its worn well. I used Rowan organic cotton and it looks like I just made it💜
I haven’t finished these little loves (i still have time… chriatnas is two weeks away 😜) so i will share photos of my finished work asap. I have an almost done (pink¡) fox and an almost done black (and pink¡) horse. But I will share some photos from the books.
My favorite is Susan b Anderson’s itty bitty nursery. One day ill knit that tea set 😉
Cant wait to finish and share these fun projects -before Christmas.
Happy holiday knitting❄