Tricked ya! It is a yummy recipe but not to eat. I tried this about a month ago and I’m hooked!

This will make the perfect gift paired with a fancy homemade washcloth. If you are a beginner you can cast on 20 sts on any nice cotton (Pima is awesome or fantasy naturale) and knit until you have a nice square… If you’d like something fancier i will be talking about our washcloth patterns later this week…

This is a recipe for the best shave ever.

1/2 cup coconut oil (I get mine @ Trader Joe’s)
1/4 cup organic sugar (I use the big old crystals)
Mix well in a cute glass container – with a lid of course.
Use a small scoop of scrub on legs, scrub well using a wash cloth wash in a circular motion (towards heart), rinse with warm water. Use a second scoop and shave off this time. Rinse with warm water. Smoothest shave ever! Love this stuff. I do this a couple times a week. I also use coconut oil on its own as lotion after I shave.
Seed stitch is almost as good as a loofa. You can use cotton, hemp or bamboo yarn but that stitch does wonders😉
Roll up a few hand knit wash cloths, tye some pretty velvet ribbon and you have a gorgeous (inexpensive) gift.

*Fantasy natural $5 (makes 2 cloths)
*yard of beautiful ribbon $4
* coconut oil $6-$9 (4-6 jars)
*sugar (you probably already have)
* Glass jar $3 (7.75oz container store)

It’s a great gift and practical.
Happy knitting