I had so much fun with my friend Mary on Monday!!! Got lots of inspiration and lots of decorating ideas…….

We dyed yarn using the marigolds my husband grew and dried for the “Day of the Dead” window. We are dying him a skein to use for what ever project he wants (the color came out pretty bright!). We’ll see what he thinks. πŸ˜‰

We washed raw wool for the mill, it was so soft and smelled so “wooly” I loved it. We spread it out to dry in Mary’s greenhouse on the cutest little twins beds.

I was wanting something different for the shop window, I thought cutting lots of beautiful greenery from Mary’s ranch would be just the perfect thing. We cut lots of eucalyptus and a few evergreen branches. I was so happy the day was fantastic!!! The shop window is a “Bounty of Beauty”