So Anthropologie has these adorable letter ornaments.

They aren’t very pricy and they are SO cute and pretty genius – like all anthro goods! But I thought I can make my own for even less than $8 😃
We sell these perfect $4 bags of remnants that have an array of colors and fibers. PERFECT for this project. I have a few suggestions for what to use as “branches” if you have none.

*pipe cleaners
*cut skewers
Grab some glue. Elmer’s does the trick. Dap a bit to your “stick” and pinch tightly. Smear a bit of glue around the stick and begin wrapping. You can cut and tye knots before you begin your wrapping.basically cut smaller pieces of your yarn balls and tye them back together. The knots look real cute. Everywhere there is a knot I’d add an extra dab of glue. Attach a loop of yarn or a hook to the top of your letter and you have an awesome ornament.
Attach your ornament to your packages… Ya da! Amaze!
Ill share pics of our wrapped gifts asap.
Happy Knitting