So Martha has a pretty creative (understated of course!) staff.
So when I was at my girlfriend, Lindsey’s, yesterday and noticed her super fun holiday decor, I was smitten! She had a handmade pom pom garland. Lindsey has a great style and impeccable taste. She told me she hasn’t made them that she bought them from Martha Stewart’s holiday line last year. Well… Who needs Martha when I have Knitterly😉 grabbing for my Pom Pom maker and a $4 bag of tid pits (we have the best bags of a mixed selection of yarns – more on these later)
My bare fireplace is going to look pretty snazzy.. As long as my mini’s leave them alone (ha ha no chance) anyway they will be cute!
Try them out my friends. These would also made great birthday decor, you can use tiny Pom pom’s or huge Pom pom’s! Use them to wrap gifts… Oh man i have so many ideas for Pom Pom’s now 😁 scarf? Necklace? Am I getting out of control?!
Happy crafting