Happy Sunday all!
Knitting a scarf is always fun! Gifting a hand knit scarf is even better. We have a yarn, right now, called flicker. It’s a Berroco yarn and its loverly. Glitter! Soft! Perfect 😉
I am currently making a hoody scarf with this magical yarn (and some Knit Collage. It’s going to be an amazing scarf for my amazing friend 😸
Scarves are a great gift to give someone you’re not sure about knitting for. They are almost a sure thing. It’s a blanket for your neck😉 he he
A couple patterns i like:

Cast on 15
Row1:*K1, YO, K2TOG*
Row2: knit all stitches

Cast on 22
*K1, P1*
Repeat all rows
(This is 1X1 rib. My fav is alpaca grande#13 needle)

Cast on 41
Row1: *k1, P1*
Row2: *P1, K1*
(This is seed stitch and it looks great in anything. I had a favorite scarf a few years back that was Cashmere!)

Warm up yourself, friends, family and Happy Knitting!