Another wreath πŸ˜‰ Are you sick of them yet? This is the fastest and easiest one yet. Go to Knitterly grab a $4.00 bag of yarn (adorable bits of fabulousness) a foam ring from a floral shop or craft store and some glue. I used Elmer’s, it dries clear.
Start with a small amount of glue about an inch in from end of yarn (this will give you something to hold yarn tight without getting gluey fingers πŸ˜‰)
Wrap yarn tightly and closely together adding a bit of glue every few inches.
(If you use too much glue it might look a bit crusty)
This is easy fun and takes minimal time. You can also attach a vintage broach, crochet flower, chunky ribbon… So many ways to be creative with this wreath. Have fun!
Happy creating!

Photo to follow… Tomorrow πŸ˜„