Tonight we are relaxing. My final idea is a gift for YOU the knitter. The one who has been putting your heart, love, and positivity into the gifts you have been making. I know I have worked hard on the gifts for the mini's in my life. It felt so good to make something the kids can play with together and play pretend.
Now is the time to relax be grateful for family, friends that are family, and our full bellies and roofed houses.
Sit and knit for yourself now! Make a scarf for Christmas Day, a hat for wearing to the snow, fingerless gloves for walking the pooch.
I am combining two yarns I’ve had for a bit now. KSAR by Bouton d’Or (sadly a discontinued yarn) and a GGH mohair. Not sure how it will evolve… But I has to be fabulous being in these yarnsπŸ˜‰
Thank you all for following and next year will be better!
Happy holiday happy families