Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Our family most definitely did. The handmade gifts were worth every minute spent making them. I plan to have a theme by August and start making our family gifts. So i will have some gun stuff to share 😁It was actually less expensive to make gifts, felt genuine and I think we will have these things for a life time.
The ball is about to drop (NYE style!), days away, and a new year is upon us. I love the feeling every new year brings. A “fresh start” and its perfect just before spring and all the new life of the new season.
I’m sure that we commonly resolve to similar things; more family, less junk food, knit the room full of yarn (only to be able to fill it once again).
I am having a “craft resolution” list. I have that list of things I’ve always wanted to knit, sew, create and never made time for. Ill share once I get some sort of order
Wish me inspiration to finish! Ha ha
Happy new new year!! 2013 is going to be an awesome one!