Wow this yarn is lovely. I am knitting with size 4 dreamz straights. I looked at these tiny needles and thought ‘ugh this will be so slow!’ Surprisingly its really enjoyable. It’s knit 4 rows with two strands held together and 4 rows single strand, and a two row repeat. It looks pretty and delicate and I lerrrvvvv it 😸
I am really enjoying this project. The Alpaca one has a bunch of yardage and is really soft. This isn’t the only yarn to use for this project infact its not even the yarn that’s called for. But oh man i am happy I chose it! I am working with a pink and grey and its adorable.
Really excited to make the tassels for the ends.
My Mom found me a really awesome scarf from Madwell it has the cutest tassels on the points. I love it and its such a simple touch that makes the scarf look fabulous. So I was excited to add my own to my knitting.
I should add I almost never knit on small needles and I’ve never finished one! He he
Unfortunately I made a boo boo in the beginning… SOO riiiiippppinnng out my work. Happy I stopped to check it out. Oops! 🙀 put your markers on thecorrect places and this won’t be an issue ha ha ha
Love knitting this pretty delicate bany so I don’t mind taking it out. I’m getting my money’s worth on this knitting ha ha
Happy knitting and cheers to new projects and inspiration!
Any New Years projects out there??