Beginning knitting starts next week! I get so excited every time I teach a new session. New students to meet, usually with a face splitting grin envisioning sweaters and cabled blankets over their couches.
I highly recommend everyone learning😸 share your craft. Teach your kids, Grandkids, neighbor, BFF’S. and if you can’t teach them maybe tell them to come find me 😉 ha ha (I do private lessons and teach Wednesday nights And Ana teaches Saturday AM)
Knitting is therapeutic, calming and keep idle hands moving. An indoor activity perfect for rain or crispy winter days, can be done in front of the TV, warm fire or in bed (My Moms Sunday morning favorite) …. Ok you all knit I know. But I think everyone should. So pass it on to a friend or family member this year. A knitting resolution… err revolution?! he he
Grab a skein if cotton and a pair od dreamz and get to it😜
Happy knitting!