We had a visit with Mary, Chris and the rest of Twirl Farm today. We saw a rhino, hippos, giraffes, hyena, and some koala’s! Amazing right?!
Ok… Not really but we did pretend. Our son has the BEST imagination😉
We did really see a LOT of wonderful animals and we named one!! Yeee. A tiny, weeks old, lamb. She has the cutest pointed, ‘Dancing’ feet I have ever seen😉 So Ginger she now will be😃 we also got to hold a baby born yesterday (who I believe may now be named “yesterday” he he) there were two actually and both soft and sweet and oooo teeth grittingly adorable.
We also met the wonderful “Celeste” who gives us Twirling Celeste and a few other fluffy friends like the cute girl who gives us ‘June’ (though its not her name)
It was a freezing day on the farm and worth every second. We fed donkeys carrots, called (quite loud and proudly) to the “Milky Goaters”, the kids fed hay to the barn animals, kissed dogs, smelled wool, talked to Naked Neck chickens…. It really is a magical place. My friend, Lindsey, our combined 4 kids, and my Mom all packed into cars, were welcomed by barking pooches (at least 11!) and had the best farm day.
Can’t wait to do it again…
AND… We picked up kits and ‘Cinnamon Rolls” yay!! So come take a peek. Lots of colors of the roving (aka cinnamon rolls) it is so yummy.
We are fortunate enough to live in such a gorgeous place and have friends who are generous with their time and home and share their awesome animal family with us.
Plus we all love TWIRL yarn over at Knitterly💜And can’t seem to keep it in stock. So frequent trips to the farm – oh darn😘 he he

And this is Princess E with the worlds greatest protector, Mr Beasley. This guy saved the Princess from 3 separate tumbles down steep hills. Wonder dog. My Mom and I offered to steal him😉 Ha ha

This is “yesterday” he he Adorbs!