Yarn is fabulous and getting more fabulous with each coming year. More thought and creativity put into new products, color ways, or designs.
I am making the mini ‘Dunlin’ shawl from Amimono ‘Bird’ book. The design is genius! On Saturday a woman came into the shop wearing the adult version. Holy wow! It was gorgeous and looked so on trend. She made it 2010 and it looked so fresh. I figured it had just been finished.
Sometimes it’s more expensive to knit as opposed to buy. But when if you make a quality piece it can last a life time.
Things go “out” and come back in a decade later. I love it. A fellow fashion lover once suggested to splurge on big pieces that are classic and always around and purchase trendy pieces, that probably may see a short life, at discount places like Marshall’s (Novato is my favorite!) or Ross.
It’s genius really. So you spend $60 – $200 on a hand knit (with your very own knitting paws) and you have it for possibly ever. Customers wear in 20 year old knit sweaters all the time. So cool! And how in are those retro 80’s fair isle sweaters with giant snowflakes or reindeer? SO in!
I have a scarf I wear (a LOT) that my Grano knit when my Dad was 18.
Another customer came in Saturday and wasn’t enjoying her knitting. My advice was to put down that piece and revisit or move on. Knitting is a pleasure and if it looses its positivity for you change the needles, yarn or pattern. Enjoy what you make and wear it often!
Weather you want to spend $6 on a scarf/ $35 on a sweater or you spend $50 on a scarf/ $150 on a sweater.., enjoy your work. It will show. And knit on quality yarn that will last.
We have great price points for everyone. It’s possible to knit an adult sweater for $35.00 (not including tax or pattern)
Come in see what fabulous and inspiring. Ask for help making your knits in a price range you are comfortable with.
Knitting is a joy! So enjoy it😉
Happy knitting!