I loved Valentine’s day as a kid. My Mom would have cute, red or pink gifts for us. Teddy bears, a t-shirt, candy (of course!) and other fun goodies.
My Hubby and I don’t really do Valentines as a gift day. Until… We started carrying the Dreamz interchangeable kits that come in a limited edition box that looks like a box of chocolates! It’s so awesome and I really enjoy knitting with the Dreamz.
πŸ’• That is my Hallmark holiday wishπŸ˜‰
But for the kiddo’s I would love to share what goodies i have in store for them!
For the next couple weeks I will share with you our Valentines ideas… And I have a couple great ones. Yeee! So come back and check it out!
Until them imagine pink, red, and hearts.