Who wants our golden ticket?!

We are so excited for the sale we are practically jumping up and down. Don’t we agree that presentation is what it’s allll about?!
These kits are so much prettier than having bins of sale yarn all tossed together and just waiting to lose their labels πŸ˜‰
You will love the display! Yeee! I love them ALLL soooo much! I won’t be working at the warehouse sale because my greedy yarn having hands will want to hoard every bag! He he
We will have a very exciting raffle going during the sale (only at the warehouse). $5 raffle tickets will be sold starting Friday. You will be entered to win a… Drum roll please…. $150.00 gift certificate. Woah baby!!! A name will be drawn after the sale and the (happy) winner can use it on whatever their heart desires. Classes, books, cashmere, needle sets… Anything! No limit to how many tickets. All the raffle money will go to Jesse. Good cause and great reward πŸ’•

*Dolly is playing Vanna for this hot ticket!