About a month ago a customer came in with a fabulous home decor idea. She had bought her daughter a Pom Pom maker and was coming in for some Jamieson’s yarn (per Lily’s suggestion)
The daughter is going to make a garland for her kitchen. Genius!! I had the thieve this idea πŸ˜‰ I had also recently seen a photo on abeautifulmess.com that really inspired me.
I have a box of turkey feathers (thanks Dad!) and some beautiful HABU yarn that’s practically invisible alone. Sound like a combo made in creative heaven?! Yes- I think it is!
Our kitchen has a big window with a view of our “park” aka backyard 😸 this is a pretty accent for our dated kitchen and its brown shaded glory. Ha ha it has really grown on me. Sometimes dated is good… Or we can make it good πŸ˜‰

Jamieson’s – $6.00 ball
HABU – $12
Pom Pom maker – $3.50
Feathers – Gift
Finished product? Priceless!
Happy creating!


*the photos are terrible… But it’s so pretty and I love looking out the window and seeing sunshine sparkle through the feathers.