This is my first Valentine’s idea. It’s so simple, fast, and its so darn cute!
I knitted it in the car on the way to (and from) the zoo Monday. Ill share a cute photo with my set and it “finished” asap. It’s all about presentation! And a unfinished washcloth on my dashboard isn’t the best presentation πŸ˜‰
Would you like the pattern? He he
I used size 8 Dreamz straights and “all seasons cotton” by Rowan. It’s a fabulous cotton and Rowan has great pinks!!

Cast on 3 stitches
Knit 1, M1, knit to end
Continue this way until the heart is as wide as you’d like..
Once you get the width…
Knit all rows until the body is as long as you’d like. I went 3 1/2″ (I had 31sts on my needle.)
Knit 1/2 stitches, BO 1st, knit to end.
Now you will be knitting one side of your heart at a time. I had 15 on each side, so I knit back and forth on my 15sts.
Knit first side:
*Knit 2 rows
Decrease outer edge 1stitch
*continue decrease every other row until there are 6 sts cast off.
Break yarn and repeat on remaining 15 sts.
To finish off I wove my ends in and crocheted a chain around the frame of my heart.