Ahhh I love pink! This is my latest favorite scarf!! My Mom made me this awesome scarf with the ‘Be Sweet’ T-Shirt yarn.
At the book signing back in September for Nadine’s knitting notebook my Mom snagged this from her. It was different from the passed T-Shirt yarn. It’s a little bit lighter and starchier.
I LOVVVE it! It is so pretty! She used three colors and there are left over bits of each ball. (I have a plan for the leftover yarn 😉) What a great Valentines scarf right?! I will wear this all spring.
We have these colors in stock and the pattern is simple and with big ole needle its fast!
Any excuse for pink is a good one, in my book😉

On # 35 circular needles
Cast on 64 sts
Join in the round and begin K1, P3 ribbing for about 7 1/2″
Cast off in ribbing…
Wear with a smile and enjoy!