Wow did anyone get the Land of Nod catalog? holy great garlands, bedroom decor, and just all around ideas! I’m not sure why we get so many catalogs but I do not mind this one! So good.
I was so inspired by these ….20130131-195834.jpg20130131-195841.jpg
I decided to come up with my own. The top one are those awesome felt balls we sell (I’ve made many a garland with those) and you can make it with our felt balls for less that the price and shipping from Land of Nod. (Still love the catalog!)
I had some leftover roving from my owl project HERE so I grabbed my felting foam, roving, and needles and started free forming some hearts to make a sweet holiday garland.
We are surprising our munchkins with a Valentines breakfast! 💕 Yeee! So I wanted to have some cute decorations that my kids will enjoy, and didn’t break the bank/ I could also use again.
So I needle felted some hearts, and busted out my machine (the sewing kind😘) and stitched them together. It was time consuming, but really fun!! I literally couldn’t stop until I finished. I’m really happy with the product I came up with. There is a large heart in the middle and 6 smaller hearts on either side of it. It’s pretty big and I know I’ll find a lot of uses for it.
Look how sweet it turned out…
Pink makes me really happy! He he
This will be in Knitterly if you’d like to further investigate💗
Enjoy! Hope you make one😉