I am so old school when it comes to mail. I am not a fan of Evites, they end up in spam, feel impersonal, and don’t quite have the same feel as a hand written card.
My Grandmother, Eva, and I have written many letters as well as my Great Grandma, Thelma. I will have them forever and have re read them many times over. It’s special and I can share a piece of my childhood with my kids or look over for nostalgia. I also keep birthday cards and Valentines and put them into books for my kids.
This year we made pink (GLITTERY) play dough (use this recipe) and pieces of paper with hearts painted on them for Waylon’s preschool class. And I hand stitched cards for family and friends. We carry embroidery floss and LOTS of beautiful ribbon.
Get yourself some card stock and a ‘chibi’ needle set (we have plenty available), ribbon & embroidery floss, and map out your design. Think connect the dots.
For this set of cards I busted out my sewing machine and stitched hearts in to paper cards as well as some (super pretty) fog linen trim.