I love to give gifts. To give someone a functional gift that they will use is even better. I have hats, bags, and scarves my Mom made me over ten years ago, a leather pouch and a beaded bracelet from a friend (made in high school), a pendant my Popeye made for my Mom ages ago (from a buck horn and abalone he caught himself) , and a necklace my Aunt Jan made when I was three. Everyone’s time is precious and when our friends and family take their time and invest it into a beautiful gift for us… Well that is compliment to how they feel about us as friends. That their precious time is put into a gift – for us. Sometimes we give as a thank you, a gesture of love, an apology, or a sympathetic gesture when it feels there is nothing else to do. Whatever the reason it feels just as good to receive a hand crafted gift as it is to give. I always tell customers who worry about gifting knitting, that some people won’t understand the thought and time that goes into a project… But then there are the best knit receivers! Like my son who gets so excited to receive a knitted toy, sweater, hat (or felt garland😉). My girl friends are awesome – we end up trading usually. Like the pink and orange cowl from back here . My friend Lindsey and I both knitted one for each other. My first kids ( Wollf girls) who would wear the hats, scarves, shrugs and dresses I knit them. I have to say MOST friends would love to receive a knit hat, scarf, or blanket. It’s such a fabulous feeling to see your gift being used as well.

Our niece, August, and her Mamma use the blanket I knit her all the time. Babies might be the best ones to gift;D ha ha So this month while you knit pink things, toys, or buy heart day gifts, put some love into your gift. Make a homemade card, scarf, hat, cowl, wreath, or whatever you come up with. It’s so fun to be creative and create. It’s heartwarming to be on the receiving end as well. Support your local economy and local craft shops this month. Knit, scrap book, make cards, sew, embroider. Get a new hobby… Try something fun! Bake, sew, crochet, knit, or paper craft. changing your medium can inspire a whole new ambition. My next craft is embroidery. I can’t wait to try. Yeee!

We have a few fabulous shops in town..

Stitch Craft
Petaluma Art Supply
Hobby Town USA
Rex Hardware
Quilted Angel
And here is a simple beanie pattern from me to you!

1 skein Swans Island Bulky
#10 16″ circular (I’m using Addi Lace)
Stitch marker
(Gauge is so important with a hat)
Cast on 78 stitches
Knit 1, Purl 1 for 4 1/2- 5″

Round 1: *knit 10, K2TOG* repeat
Round 2 & all even rounds: stay in pattern. After every decrease your pattern will change a bit. Always knit your knits and purl your purls (even if there are more than one next to each other)
Round 3: *Knit 9, K2TOG*
Round 5: *knit 8, K2TOG*
Round 7: *knit 7, K2TOG*
Round 9: *knit 6, K2TOG*
Round 11: *knit 5, K2TOG*
Round 13: *knit 4, K2TOG*

*side note… Your hat may be to your liking before you decrease all the way to round 13 (knit 4). If it is just skip the even rounds also you may not have to decrease to round 13 at all maybe to round 9. Try and see how you like it*

Once you have finished all your decreases thread a needle with your yarn weave the yarn through the remaining stitches, cinch up and weave your yarn into the inside of the hat.

*ha ha this Barbazon pose is actually happening because I can’t find a darning needle and there is a hole I’m holding closed 😉 ha.
This hat is a gift for a wonderful woman who teaches my son two days a week. He adores her – and I do too.