So cute right?! This is not strictly for knitters. I had to have this once my Madre mentioned that it would be great for make-up brushes (which I cleaned after taking that photo😉)
It’s a very pretty addition to my ‘vanity’ as well.
They are sewn with gorgeous velvet in vibrant colors and the bottom is filled with sand (or something similar) so it won’t topple over. They feel very sturdy. I tried putting quite a few things in them. Bobby pins, writing pins, mascara, there is even a hole in the middle for scissors.
Plus they have a cupcake-ish look to them and I love a good cupcake😘

They are going fast and we only have a few. These elegant flowers are hand made and by a great company. Read about Lantern Moon and their philosophy here Lantern Moon is also involved with “Stitch Red
So basically I adore this little accessory and I am so happy to see it on my vanity everyday. Check them out!
*we also ship*