We all have dreams and goals of what we want to put into our lives and what we want from what we put in. I really think motivation is key in attaining a goal, any goal. If you aren’t excited and just itching to accomplish it… Well it will probably just become an idea or a quote you posted or something you ‘Pinned’. So I am here to motivate you. Want to knit a sweater? Socks? Join a knit-a-long? Start a knit night with your buddies? Do it! What better way to accomplish a goal than to join a class, get your friends interested. Classes are great for getting things done. And what a fabulous feeling to get a compliment on the sweater you knit, or meet a new BFF in a sock class.
I have been knitting for over ten years and still have many knitting and crafting goals. With Presidents day Monday I have been thinking about Thomas Jefferson. Such an intellegent man. I love this quote by him; “an honest heart being the first blessing, a knowing head is the second”. We should never stop trying new things or learning and teaching.
I have been thinking so much about time and education and what I should teach my kiddos (Deep – I know) and I have said before not to waste time knitting things that aren’t enjoyable or spending, precious, time doing something you hate. For example knitting something you want to launch across the room, waste of time ;D I have new goals like; grow our own veggies, fruit, and herbs. Sew and knit more toys for our kids, run marathons, teach more classes, learn new skills….
Something, I think I inheireted from my Mom, that I like about myself is that when something loses the ‘fun’ or becomes more of a chore than a pleasure I change things, I learn something new, change my perspective. Not to say when you don’t want to go to school or work to bail or quit. I ask myself ‘Why did you pick that in the first place?’ Job, major, knit project… Whatever it is. Which got me thinking, we have always talked about owning a ranch or living in the country. But we love the rental we live in and it has a large yard. So why wait to live our dream? Why not grow what we can here? Why not not ask if we can have chickens here? This can be our ‘Flint Ranch’ while we are here, now, in this moment. I think- let us all make the most of our time and spend it with people we love and things we enjoy and create the space we wish to have. Be who we want to be.
With this said I am going to segue into my next blog series…. Which is what I am currently working at, ‘Slow living’ letting the less important sit on the back burner and living the life I dream about. I am hoping that sharing my projects, discussing what Knitterly is up to (and holy cow I can NOT wait to share!!!), fill our InstaGram with gorgeous photos from our employees, customers and products we offer, and my latest ‘quest’ to make our home more ‘Green” I am hoping it inspires you too. I want to find the best and most enjoyable ways to stay local, make functional projects that last, and to get you all the info I can about our products and where they are from.
I will be interviewing company owners, visiting ranches and ‘sampling’ every lick of yarn and needle I can. So let the sharing begin! And 2013 will be OUR best yet.
Please leave comments or suggestions, I love to see them. Who do you want to know more about? What company inspires you?? What are your knit/ crochet/ crafting goals?

I will most definitely be writing about Twirl, Alchemy, Imperial Yarns and Stock ranch, Muench, EcoButterfly, Habu,Be Sweet and more….

Leaving you with an inspiring image…
Knit, create, enjoy