Ok ok I may or may not be obsessed with a fairy tale world in which my Hubby doesn’t work, our Kids tromp around in cow-kid boots all day and collect battle scars from the great out doors. There are flaws to this fairy tale of course… But for now I vicariously live through how I see Mary live, and I see it quite magical. Mary who is Twirl (!!) and my Madre will be charging Stitches with yarn, kits, big smiles, and lots of positive energy! Us knitters like great inspiration and though we tend to make one project a hundred times before moving on 😉 We also like excitement, season change and a new project to obsess on.
Well here it is! My Mom is so creative. (I can gush she doesn’t write this. He he) she has come up with some fabulous designs that have become customer favorites. Get ready she has another simple- but genius one heading your way.
She has put together some kits with all the big brand names; Rowan, Lana Grossa, Berocco, Classic Elite, and Be Sweet to name a few. There is enough yarn in one kit to make a “Necessary Cowl” or the Yoked Cardigan for a Bebé or you can but multiples and make a lush lap blanket. Each kit is $20/ approx 200 grams/ approx 200 yards and all lovely yarns. All you’ll need are your needles and a pattern.
Along with the kits, the presence of Mary aka Twirl and her posse of awesome fibers… Including a new yarn… Twirling Fatties (which will be making it’s debut) I won’t spoil the surprise… You must go and see how fabulous those Twirling Fatties are 😉 There will also be kits for the Painted Brush Cowl by Alchemy. Holy ah-Mazing grace this is a keeper! Such gorgeous yarn, design, and fibers. I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t notice this cowl and all its glory.
Shelli and Mary will be set up at booths 907 and 909 with yarn, smiles, and plenty of inspo to get you into your next project!
I will leave you with photos of our future fiber providers… He he
Enjoy your week and have a fabulous time with your knitting buddies shopping Stitches



And remember this little one? “Yesterday”? So big now!