Remember when we had this book signing for Knit Notes with Nadine from Be Sweet yarns? Well I heart my “note book” and I’ve been writing my knitting love story since the holiday season.
I paste or tape my yarn labels, write down what changes I’ve made – and there is always something- to patterns, recommended yarns or whatever else I add or subtract from a project… I also write the needles I use. Which will probably always say “Dreamz” interchangeable … Because they ROCK. And I just got them from my main Man on Hearts Day.
I always like seeing other people’s creative notes, something fun about handwritting/ scribbles that are made with the thought that only your own eyes will see.. So I will share a couple of mine. I am definitely recommending this book. It’s so fun – like a year book, only your knitting hopefully wont haunt you like my sophomore year high school photo forever haunts me.
You might forget a project and go back and see the photo/ drawing/ or yarn label and be reminded of who it was for or how much you loved or loathed (you wouldn’t do that right?! πŸ˜‰) knitting it .
There are even pages with great general information and a few on inspiration and how to make the most of the book. Check it out and make your own knitting love notes πŸ˜‰πŸ’•
Here are a few of my knitting notes….