When our friends feel sick or are having a difficult time and there is literally nothing we can do to change the situation (and you know because you’ve exhausted your brain trying to figure something out) it feels good (selfishly) to make something for them😃 Often when someone passes, friends and family bake or cook and who doesn’t love trashy mags (people, OK, star) and ice-cream after a break up?!
I recently had a friend who had a bad week and I felt helpless – which was annoying- so I made her a fun gift. (dream catcher) I think it’s more the thought and not as much the gift it self, every time she sees it she’ll be reminded I love and care for her😃


Knitting is so rewarding that way. I love to craft and bake and it makes others feel pretty awesome receiving.
Our Son has a wheat allergy and is pretty bummed on it so Sam, our Sunday gal, baked him the most delicious cake pops EVER!!

This made the kid, his parents, sister, and Grandfather pretty happy. 😉Yum!
I think knitting with purpose is the best reason to knit. Chemo caps, blankets, shawls, scarves, the adorable animal hat/ glove sets from Debbie Bliss (fall 2012) magazine… So many fun things to knit to make someone else happy and feel good yourself. I’m smiling just thinking about it 💕
I am also the girl encouraging our customers to “knit for yourself!!” Those are the ladies who often give up knits they love because someone else loved it too. Ha see giving just feels good!
Happy knitting!

*for the dream catcher I used:
an embroidery hoop
White Be Sweet cotton
24 Karat
Hot glue
Turkey feathers from my Dad
I hot glued a dot every few inches. I cut about 10 inch pieces of the cotton and wrapped it around letting the ends stick out when adding another piece of yarn. Then I “tangled” up the 24 Karat to look like a dream catcher, wrapped the feather ends together and tied to the hoop.