I used to love watching college basketball. So entertaining!
“March Madness” is the best. The college players make ridiculous plays and forget there are other guys on the team😉 Such a good time!
I like to take March and plan out my knitting. I have never been a meticulous person or punctual or even half way organized…. But I can change ☕ So here I am mapping out my knitting so ill have lots of beautiful, finished projects.
There are quite a few things happening in March, St Patty’s Day, the Spring season officially changing, and Easter. And a new season for fashion begins!! Yee!
I am planning a lot of knitting this year. 2013 is the “Year of the Yarn” as far as I am concerned.
I am planning sweaters for both kids, and a baby set for Easter, St Patty’s decor (just for fun), fingerless gloves for the Madre… And a couple other items I don’t want to spoil😉
If you plan things right its possible to knit a sweater in a week (mini style!) my plan is to make a project a week and have my kids rocking their sweater, St Patty day green tossed around Fort Flint and my Mom wearing her faaaabulous fingerless gloves from the Amimono Bird book.
Excited to share what I am working on and excited to get into a new season of yarn, patterns, and creativity.
So whether you watch March Madness and a its (attempts at the winning shot from across the court) glory, getting ready for spring training or you have a fave tv show, grab your needles and yarn and line up those projects. Finish “old” ones and let the inspiration for new and fun projects flow. Season change just feels different.

This is currently what’s on my needles

Happy spring!