My friend Nicole (who totally ROCKS!!) has a vintage, Etsy shop Looks like Dynamite. (FYI: There is a really great faux fur coat right now. Mmm! Very cool!)
She works full time, is Wife, Mamma Bear, plays piano and some how manages to find awesome vintage pieces for her shop too.
Anyway I traded a mirror from Looks like Dynamite for a knitted hoodie scarf (before Halloween!! ahhhh) I am proud to say I finished it. Yay!
If I am not the poster girl for procrastination, I don’t know who is!
Getting things done is my goal of 2013. I have so many exciting things to share. Yeee!
Like the foxes I posted WAYYYY back here… (Sheepish smile happening over here) Well they are almost finished and will be making their debut shortly.
We offer a class on this version of the hoodie scarf. My Mom, Shelli, also the shop owner, teaches this-fun. You’ll want to make them for all your girlies๐Ÿ˜‰ Its that good. There is also a version slightly different available in the book “Knit two together” (We have 2 or 3 copies currently) its a pretty cute book too.

Materials I used
4 skeins “flicker” by Berocco yarns.
Our Price: $11.00
Yardage: 189
Fibers: 87% baby alpaca/ 8% acrylic/ 5% glitter ๐Ÿ˜‰
Color: 3320

1 skein Exquisitely Angora
Our Price: $22 (Remember this friend ROCKS!! Only the best!)
Yardage: 50 (of pure angora magic๐Ÿ’•)
Fibers: 99% Angora/ 1% cotton
Color: Princess and the Pea (how much do you love that name?!)

Size #11 Dreamz (magical) interchangeable set

(p.s do NOT wash in any machine EVER! Ha I found out the hard way… Hand wash cold lay flat to dry, its still awesome… But very fuzzy!)

*For classes check out schedule or call the shop 707 762 YARN (9276)*



Happy Knitting!