We are all constantly reminded to slow down (here is another😘) I know- raising two small kids- I forget. I forget to smell the flowers and I forget to show my kids how
Friday we had a nice lunch with my Mom and the kids and I took a moment to dismantle hang out at Knitterly. Myself and a customer were carrying around the same golden color of Twirl. Mom told her it was dyed from the marigolds my Dad grew and dried for his Dia de los muertos altar. Marigolds on Blanche is the color name, but If I would have really looked at the yarn label I would see that it says right there the yarn was dyed with marigolds from my Pops garden. Perfect. As if I could love Twirl more! All of her labels have cute info on them. Lots of thought goes into her yarn.
Mary dyes with plants, and other natural-ness, but this is my favorite. Before we left I was struggling to put the yarn back (only 2 balls left) and my Mom was trying to convince me- unsuccessfully – there was more where that came from and my son was hugging the yarn and proclaiming his love. (I also left with two more balls.. Pink and grey 😁)
We do as we see right?!

So pretty I didn’t put it down until it was finished!


1 ball Twirl (little more than 1/2 the ball)
16″ #4 needle
Cast on 88 sts.
*knit 1, Purl 1* for 2 inches
Switch to knitting all rows until hat measures 6″ from cast on edge

Row1: knit 12, K2TOG (repeat entire round) all odd rows decrease. Each row knit one less stitch… Next will be knit 11, K2TOG… Repeat until you are knitting 3, K2TOG

Row2: (and all even rows) Knit

*once you have decreased to about knit 6 or so you will need to switch to DPN’s. I used size 3 DPN’s*

Happy knitting💜