Something’s are burned into us. By stories we heard, songs, images from books, or our own imaginations. My Great Grandmother, Thelma, shaped so much of who I am today and how I raise my own children.
She taught me to crochet, introduced my brother and I to Entemann’s, little Debbie, Bonanza and Davvy Crocket, baked cookies (often) taught us you can never know too much, be a proud American, stand by your beliefs, … She used to sing us to sleep with old cowboy songs and read us stories about horses and the frontier. I used to play “prairie girl” in the back yard. Ha ha
This is my segue into the Imperial Stock Ranch and how I can’t wait to play farm… In May! It’s so amazing watch this video and you will want to be one on the plane with us to this one of a kind retreat.
The ranch is run by a hard working family who believes in what they do. It’s amazing and inspiring and I just want to catch whatever it is they have!
The yarn is great, the view will be incredible, knitting classes, YARN, food prepared for us, yarn, just being in the beautiful country. I mean – come on – its knitting heaven, the quiet, gorgeous scenery, and knitting classes?!
Even the place we stay is run by the daughter and son in law of the ranch family. Knitting seems to be the bonus of the weekend 😉
I called to order yarn last week and had the nicest chat with the owner, sweet man. And his daughter in law, was so cool! She had to call me back (he didn’t know the low down on yarn orders and his people were out on lunch… He said he could have taken at least five orders while they were out) and she told me all about the ranch and how excited they are to host our retreat. She had me ready to drive on over and have some coffee☕
So I’m romanticizing about knitting on a porch with hot coffee as the sun comes up over -whatever majestic -mountain is painted in the backdrop of this beautiful place.