The Imperial Stock Ranch is going to be the best retreat ! I’m practically giddy – ok I am giddy!
We will be knitting by the campfire, drinking wine at dinner and learning some knitting tricks from Julie Weisenberger of Coco Knits. (Psst! I’ve seen them and I’m real excited!!)
Vogue Knitting Live just hosted a retreat at Imperial Stock Ranch, Creative Knitting Magazine just did an article and so did Oregen Culture.
Say goodbye to chores, work, stress and have a relaxing weekend with some awesome woman and knitting.
Call up your BFF, knitting buddy or sister and hop on this knitting train. Yee! Ok I’m only a little excited. But it does happen to fall on my 29th birthday weekend💕
I hope I see your beautiful faces sitting on the bus to the ranch 😃
Happy planning!