Blustery days lend to lots of thinking, yesterday at least. I was tearing pages of my magazines (old habits die hard – Pre Pinterest days) and I found so many inspiring ideas. Fashion can change the way a person looks and feels. Feel taller, thinner, more confident, elegant, graceful, fun – a fun pair of shoes can make a girl happy. I love it!

We are the fortunate ones. The ones who have a talent and craft that can be both practical and adventurous. Knitting is a talent that I honestly think can change lives and better attitudes. Customers have told me its helped them through (their kids) teenage years, divorce, loss, boredom, and it inspires. Knitting for a new baby, a friends wedding… And my favorite?? the CLOSET!! Such a happy place. Where I can find and create inspiration. Clothes make me look and feel unique. When we make our own clothes it’s a double bonus. It’s time and money well invested.
I see a dress and think of a pretty light weight cardi to go over or some kind of fringy neck cover. Or jeans and a slouchy white tee with a faux fur vest over. Fashion is fun and being a part of creating it… That’s my favorite part.
I’m super into fringe right now and have been searching for one of those triangle bathing suits to knit (with lots of fringe hanging down) I have found some pretty inspiring designers recently. Check out Spell & The Gypsy Collective and Buffalo Girl… They are winter when we are summer… But the best inspiration!!
I can’t wait to turn some of these ideas I’m having into knits! Maybe even translate into patterns🙏
Knitterly is getting in some new shipments this week and next week. Can’t wait to share! Spring is so fun!

Happy Knitting!