Butter and Egg Days!! This weekend! We have our festive shop window bringing in lots of smiling kids and sentimental adults…. And those who are like “why the heck do you have chicks in your window?!” Ha
Either way they are adorable, fluffy, and have their own song of scratching and cheeping around their happy pen in the Knitterly window.
After the parade all the chicks will go to their new homes. We have been selling them (pretty sure Cheryl is a happy Mamna of four.. Chickie’s)
The window is also decorated in goofy/ fun puppets. Folkmanis makes pretty great puppets. The crazy looking chicken is my fave! There are cows, chickens, chicks, mini bunnies, and our usual suspects of alpaca, sheep, rabbits, and llama. Such a good time!
Our window is B&E ready! Knitterly will be closed… We will be open Sunday, for the Antique Faire!!


Happy Petaluma weekend!!