It’s interesting what brings us from one season in our lives to the next. My Mom, Shelli, has worn many hats. She really is the ‘Jane of all trades’. She was the stay at home Mom who coached my softball, helped my Girl Scout troop, drove me to surf camp at fourteen and let me be independent. She is the worlds best Mom and always puts my brother and I first.. Well maybe my kids now;D Her knitting career started as a kid with my Great Grandmother, Thelma, and her truly awesome domestic life skills. So when at fifteen I had suggested to we learn to knit she did what any mother to a teenager (who suggests hanging out!) would do…. She hauled butt to the closest knit shop and signed us up. The shop she found was in Santa Rosa and was an old victorian house. The front end was the yarn shop and the back was the woman’s house. I thought it was so cool. We took the class, our teacher was patient.. I was fifteen so one can imagine. I of course was not interested in making a gauge or a washcloth ha. So she set me up with a set of DPN’s ( I am a firm beleiver in ‘if you don’t know it’s difficult… then its not’) I made a beanie for my boyfriend of course ( I later married the boy… Yet to forgive him for not LOVING the beanie I knitted him so excitedly- don’t knit for boys unless asked to) Over the years I knit random things but didn’t take another class. My crafty friends and I would get together and make hats, mini pouches… Nothing big. My Mom however was busy taking every class and diving into a new love… Fibers! I was nineteen and living in South Lake Tahoe when my Mom told me she was going to open a yarn shop. ‘Before someone else does’ is what she told me. I pretty much moved home immediately and May of 2004 she opened Knitterly. We started in a tiny tiny corner of another shop called ‘shelter’ (funny huh) then moved to a bigger, that’s an understatement, building a few doors down. We literally rolled the racks down the street wrapped in saran wrap so the yarn wouldn’t fall off the shelves. My parents are very resourceful and my brother has a lot of friends who will work for my Mom’s baked goods;D
Two years at that location, out of the walking traffic and a few side view mirrors being taken off by the busy traffic later… She moved the shop again. This time to it’s final home, #1 Fourth street! We have now been open for nine years, just this month and we love the location or neighboring businesses and our loyal customers. With my Mom’s need to ever better herself and business an online shop was being discussed. After a lot of time, talking, planning, and yarn shopping… She did it!! May 1 2013 Knitterly the online shop opened. In a comedy of errors we have managed to get LOTS of photos on the site… however some are lacking in true color accuracy. The Habu and Be Sweet seem to turn out fine but Twirl is looking less than it’s fabulous self. Being a new shop there will be some, understandable, errors. But she has an awesome team that is constantly working hard to get things running smoothly.
For now you can buy Habu, Be Sweet, Freia, Imperial, Isager, Madeline Tosh, and last but not least Twirl. It’s so exciting! I can hardly believe it’s open.
The websites new “face” will be getting some ‘work’ done as well ;D you will love it!
This is why my intention of all last weeks blogs did not come into fruition, my apologies…. It was ‘under construction’. Whitni our computer chick and her team have created a new look. an online shop and a pretty face for our blog. She will be linking up my old site to the new one until it’s all moved over. Thank you for your continued patience and reading the blog. I love that you do!!
I am so proud of all the hard work my Mom is always putting in to her life, career and family!
She rocks!

Check out our shop and website.
Happy Knitting