Packing for a knitting retreat… Well I started preparing for our weekend retreat at Imperial Stock Ranch!! Yeee!!
The retreat sort of fell through.. But we really wanted to go still so its happening for a mini group. A pre-retreat, retreat! Excited to give you a taste of what we will be experiencing in October! {Reserve your spot asap}… After you see InstaGram pics and blogs and hear my incessant talking of Imperial Ranch you will be obsessed too.
Sooo back to my packing… Made some meals and stashed them in the freezer, prepared snacks, and baked Paleo treats for the Fam while I’m away.. Then the hard part. Packing. What shoes do I bring? How many projects? I’m going to a ranch- dirt, dust, the wide open 😉 and Omigosh have you checked a bag lately?! Paying for my clothing and toothbrush to have a seat (in cargo!) seems a LOT ridiculous! So no that won’t be happening. So flip flops in the bag Frye boots on the feet. I still felt torn between clothing and knit projects. Maybe ill wear the same outfit everyday so I can fit more yarn in… Or I can be completely realistic and bring ONE project because with all good intention aside that is all there is time for⏳
When I found out about the retreat I practically had Imperial on speed dial. I called had a lovely chat with the owners daughter in law and ordered a sweater kit. I started it, wound my yarn and packed it tight. I’m hoping being at the ranch will be motivation to wear it by the end of the weekend.
I’m romanticizing about sunsets, barns and beautiful animals (and cowboy coffee- black and strong)
We will be posting photos on InstaGram {if we have service} through out the weekend and ill definitely do a post about this adventure! Super excited!
Happy Knitting!