I had so much fun dying this yarn. We left our yarn in ziplock bags over night. Then let them dry completely, mine hung from a tree in the shade for a whole day. Then I put them back in some water with vinegar to “set” the dye (Mary didn’t tell us to do this part) then I rinsed the yarn until it ran clear. Then back to the shady tree spot to dry completely.
One of the dyes was super stinky… Woah where is the dirty diaper kind of smell 😉 – but after the second time drying it smelled fine. I’m not sure if that was because of the vinegar or because of rinsing it.
I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with my yarn. I want it to be something awesome because I had a hand in the process … But I think I want to dye more!
I’ve been gardening a lot and I looked into “dye gardens” a little. It’s so fun to go pick flowers or herbs, sticks or leaves to put pretty color into something. Growing the plants, picking them, making a dye bath and mortar by just using a copper pot or copper scrub brush?! It’s seriously cool.
I’m pretty into researching self sustainability and came across the site Mother Earth Living, which I liked because it sounds like Martha Stewart Living (which I love!) there were a list of herbs to plant and which color they will give you.
This is my yarn all wound and ready to knit. It smells nice, is pretty soft and I really like that I stuck it in the pot myself😁





Happy dying knitting!