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The sidewalk sale is always a ton of fun! Today is the last day of this years sale. It’s been fun and our awesome customers have come from in town to out of state to build a mountain of a “stash”.
We still have a couple bags…


And fabulous yarns to move on out before fall calls on the yummy winter yarns.



Yep there is Alchemy, Rowan, Tahki, and lots of the best in there.
Hope to see you all today!

Happy “Stashing”!


Woah Mamma! yesterday was so windy. I avoided at all costs. Thankfully it was chilly enough to turn the oven on and bake up some yummy (sheep) cookies. The kids watched a movie and I got to thinking about my ‘Dunlin” shawl, from the Bird Collection by Helga Isager. I had taken it out… forever ago and I haven’t put it back on the needles. Until last night. With the Twirl ‘Dye Day’ on my mind I dug in my stash and found the exact colors – in Twirling Petals- I was using in the Isager yarn, eh hmm, my name is Ashleigh and I like love Pink. The Twirling Petals is a softer wool. It’s sweater worthy. The colors are so fabulous. I have a dark grey “Twilight” and a soft Pink “Cochineal “. It’s a light yarn with a luscious blend of alpaca, suri alpaca, kid mohair and soft lambswool. Her yarns are minimally processed (from her very own animals) and the color ways are fun. If you have not yet, I highly recommend trying both Twirl and Twirling Petals.
I was originally knitting ‘Dunlin’ with the Alpaca 1 on a size 2 (the pattern calls for a size 4) but the Twirl is bigger so I upped the needle to a size 5. I busted out the Dreamz Interchangables with a 24” cord. These are my favorite ever! (We are currently sold out)
The ‘Dunlin’ pattern is so cool, it’s knitted from the neck down. I have made the self fringe shawl before and basic corner to corner shawls but this is made similar to a top down sweater. It’s already going really fast (i said that last time too ;D) and I am hoping to share it with you by the end of the week. You know when you aren’t ‘feeling’ a project and something needs to be adjusted? Well that was me and ‘Dunlin’ ;D so now its readjusted and hopefully the next time I bring it up it will be a finished product on my shoulders. Come in check out the yarn and get your spot for the Dye Day at Twirl Farm!
Happy Knitting!


•SO good!!

I really wasn’t sure how many dish towels I needed, so I piled up the ones that looked the saddest. Then I started to cut and rip them into strips (ps this towel was not bad I just needed a fifth towel – I found out – and I had not more sad ones 😉)


After cutting 4 I started to attach the strips to make my “yarn”

I folded over one end (do this with every strip) and cut a slit. Do this on the two pieces you plan to connect. Then feed one end into one hole. Pull the strip through and feed it into that strips hole. Pull. Ta da connected. This takes a bit of time, but its fun.
So there will be a slit on both ends of every strip except the first and last one. I did have one towel that was thin and on some of those I just tied.

Now roll them into a ball… I had help..



Then you knit! I used a 17 straight for mine. It wasnt super tight, like the one in Natural Nursery Knits, so it turned out floppy. More like a bowl.


Totally had a perma grin when I finished!
Happy ripping!

The kitchen is my place. My family has spent a lot of time leaning over counters (my whole life). The kitchen is the life blood to this family. And kitchen tools are like toys 😀 Dish towels are often an exciting accessory to the fridge, oven, or tossed over a shoulder.
When my favorite towels started to fall apart I looked for something to turn them into. And along comes Ms Erika Knight to revive my ragged towels.
In her book Natural Nursery Knits there is the perfect solution to my issue. A rag basket. So I got to ripping.
5 hand towels later I have this, and couldn’t be happier.



Happy Knitting!


We have the new Wild Fibers Magazine. It is so good! And Petaluma’s very own Mimi Luebbermann is in the issue. The article she’s in is all about the local fibershed (Who our shop girl Heidi and Mary AKA Twirl are also a part of)
So great – won’t even spoil it. Come in and get your copy or call and we will mail ya one ;D

I hope you all really enjoyed my interview with Helga Isager.
I am excited to say there will be more designer and company interviews coming!
I have so many fun things I will be sharing… Here is a teaser😉







Happy Knitting and happy Easter

This was a very exciting thing for me. I have always been interested in fashion and fashion design. Lately I have been crushing on the Isager yarns and Amimono style of Helga Isager. I was over the moon excited when she agreed to do an interview for me!
Helga’s designs are amazing and inspiring. So excited to share the interview.

Ash: You have been designing Amimono since 2005, when did you decide/ start to design?

Helga Isager: When I look back I have always been a knitwear designer, but it took me some years and quite a few detours to realize it. Finally in 2003 I tried to get accepted at the Danish Design School, but had no luck, so I decided to start my own company. In retrospect that was a very haphazard move. I learned things the hard way, but I wouldn’t have been without these experiences.

A:Did you always want to design knitwear?

HI: No, definitely not. When I was younger I couldn’t think of anything I least wanted to do.

A: Your Mother is also a knitwear/ yarn designer was there a lot of pressure to have a completely different look? Or was it natural?

HI: I think the difference is very natural and unavoidable. We’re from different generations and have different perspectives on fashion. But it’s interesting how much the outcome differs even though we use many of the same techniques and the same yarns.

A: Who inspires you? Music? Artist? Designers? Authors?

HI: I’m inspired by lots of things. Cool people on the street, films, fashion designers and artists. At the moment I’m working on a collection (The Map Collection) inspired by landscape photos taken from above. In knit design you usually repeat the same pattern. I have wanted to work with patterns and materials on a more abstract level for a long time. I would like to think of the sweater as a canvas on which I can ‘draw’ with stitches in a more free hand.
In aerial photos you often observe different structures, unpredictable patterns and colors clash, and I find this order in chaos very inspiring.

A: What most influenced the bird/ little bird and home collections?

HI: In the Bird Collection I worked with different shapes of sleeves, and some of them reminded me of wings – that’s why I gave all styles bird names.
The colors and forms of the Belgian artist Pierre Alechinsky’s paintings inspired The Home Collection. I’m fascinated by his way of using colors. He always uses one or two colors, which don’t match the rest. I love this unpredictability.

A: In the craft world we seem to collect hobbies, cooking, baking, sewing, crochet, what are your favorites?

HI: I make a strong point of cooking healthy food everyday, but beside that my work doesn’t leave me much spare time for hobbies.
I love to knit even though it’s my job, so naturally I always have a knitting project close at hand.

A: What is the most beautiful place your designs have brought you?

HI: I have been teaching knitting several times in Iceland. I can’t think of a more beautiful place. The landscape is magnificent and untouched by human hands and the natural colors are just beautiful.

A:What’s your best advice for nurturing your creativity and family?

HI: Take a vacation on your own or with your best friend, once in a while. It makes you a better mother/wife when you come back.

A: What’s on your iPod now?

HI: The Norwegian artist Ane Brun is one my favorites at the moment. Love her music!

A: What, in your career, are you most proud of?

HI: Luckily I’m always most proud of my latest collection.

A: If you could have one super power what would it be?

HI: I never thought about that. But being able to do several things at the same time would be fantastic. So maybe a cloning ability would come in handy. So many things to do and so little time to do it.

A: If you could live anywhere in the world… Where and what time of year?

HI: I actually feel quite privileged to live in Denmark – In Copenhagen and in Northern Jutland, where we just bought a little farm. I have plans of spending more time there. My husband is a documentary filmmaker, so he travels all over the world. Because of my work I’m free to go with him sometimes. He’s planning to make another film in Japan and we’re thinking about living there for a period of time. I love Tokyo!

A: What are your favorite fibers to work with? What’s your favorite Isager yarn?

HI: I only work with natural fibers and like to work with all Isager yarns, but my favorites at the moment are Spinni and Alpaca – especially knitted together. It makes a very light and still durable material.

A: How old were you when you began knitting?

HI: My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 7 years old, but at that time I didn’t really have the patience for it. My obsession with knitting started in high school. I lived far out in the countryside – far away from fancy shops – and I realized that I could make some pretty cool designs with a little help from my mother. It was in the nineties, where no one else – except really old ladies – knitted, and my classmates thought it was weird that I spent my time on such an old fashioned hobby.

A. Do you have anything exciting coming up? Little Nordic Collection?

HI: I just released The Little Nordic Collection in Denmark. It’s a booklet with 10 designs for children, all inspired by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren’s fantastic universe.

A.What is your motto?

HI:The process is just as important as the outcome.

*Thank you so much to Helga for being so awesome and answering my questions*

Yee! I have picked (and I am ready to knit!) EvaLou’s sweater for Easter Sunday.
The winner is… Amimono Bird collection “Dove Cardigan” knitted with Shi Bui “Baby Alpaca” It’s going to be a pleasure to knit! It’s a gorgeously soft yarn and the pattern is bottom up… No sewing! Yee.
I think I will only need two skeins. “Baby Alpaca” has 255yards and 100g. The smallest size is for a 3T with yarn doubled on a size 4 & 6 needle. I’m making mine for a 18 month old and not doubling on a size 5. It should turn out good… Ok think happy thoughts.
I should just plan to knit the entire book. Seriously so gorgeous.
I’m off to get to it!


Our Daughter loves clothes. She loves bracelets, purses, shoes (especially mismatched shoes;) ), vests, jackets, and all at once.
It’s fun picking helping pick out her clothes for the day;) And who wouldn’t love an excuse to get dolled up?! Easter is really right around the corner…. And perfect reason to knit our mini fashionista a classic knit
Love me some spring! Change, new life, the hills hugging the town turn so green. (I am convinced Ireland looks like Petaluma in May)
Easter we get together with family and eat and talk and watch the kids find eggs. I used to love getting dressed for Easter Sunday. I always had a new dress, cardigan, and even once a cute heart shaped purse with white bunnies on it.
I figure our little girl will have fun with fancy new duds too;) She is a girly girl after all.
So i started to dig through our books and found an old Erika Knight book….. And thought I’d knit the shrug on the cover. (I will come back to that book soon! ), a few Knitting pure and Simple options that never fail, some Debbie Bliss, the adorable Color Gang books But I kept picking up the Bird collection by Helga Isager. The book is beautifully put together and one does not need to knit to enjoy the photography. (Have I mentioned how great the book is before😉)
Tell me this isn’t a timeless, classic, pretty, and perfect for Easter sweater?!



Now I am for sure on my pattern and need to choose -hard part- the yarn. Have you knit on these yarns?

Happy knitting!
Happy knitting!

Pendleton. Is. Awesome.
The company has been around since 1863 and are still making their stuff in the good old US of A. Their wool blankets and robes are so warm you can ditch the down comforters and all the blankets on your bed😉
I have always loved their signature striped blankets, They remind me of cowboy blankets from old western movies I watched as a kid. (love me some Lonesome Dove)
Our good friends who own Sonoma Coast Surf Shop sell the Men’s wool, button downs, and told me the whole line was pretty great so I borrowed a catalog and went online and basically couldn’t decide which of what I wanted! They make wallets, blankets, clothes, dishes, travel mugs, purses…. Ahhh its all so good! Coincidently a recent issue of the Debbie Bliss magazine (Fall/Winter 2012) had a south western theme called Home on the range, (page 64-67.) with five Pendelton-ish patterns to make. These pillows

would go perfectly with the “Heroic Cheif” blanket. We also have a room in our house that has a cowboy/ cowgirl theme. Perfect place to put the pillows!
Check out this magazine there are a lot of great patterns to knit… This bag

Or the log cabin blanket


Or oh my gosh how cute are these?!