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The sidewalk sale is always a ton of fun! Today is the last day of this years sale. It’s been fun and our awesome customers have come from in town to out of state to build a mountain of a “stash”.
We still have a couple bags…


And fabulous yarns to move on out before fall calls on the yummy winter yarns.



Yep there is Alchemy, Rowan, Tahki, and lots of the best in there.
Hope to see you all today!

Happy “Stashing”!


Sometimes we need reminders. Stop and smell the roses. Listen. Put your naked toes I’m the grass. Enjoy your life it’s the only one you’ve got.
My friends and family are great reminders of this. Young and old and in between 😘
Today our good friend Mary came to show us how to let loose Twirl style!

Meet “Tid-Bit” a cute baby Shetland, pot gut of pure adorableness.


Tid-Bit learned to slide today! It was an exciting adventure but one he dare not try himself. For being a tiny pot gut sheep with slippery hooves… He just thinks It won’t end well. So he let Mary hold him and he took several turns with his Mamma (Mary of course) and Waylon and his buddy, until he became famished and demanded requested the children hunt for green and yellow leaves. (Which were very specific in color and tenderness)



And when his “pot” was good and full he told us funny stories about his travel to Petaluma with his Mamma. And how the Twirling Fatties kept tickling his nose! He had us rolling on the grass.

We are happy to call Tid-Bit a friend and greatly appreciated the time he took from his busy schedule, of guest speaking at schools and summer camps, to visit us at the park today!
Thank you Tid-Bit (and Mamma Mary too)
*Come in and see all the beautiful colors of the Twirling Fatties we just had delivered!!*

So our little Miss picked out our Sweetie Pie hat to wear with her fabulous outfit today. It’s such a fun hat. She chose to wear it herself- too stinking cute!




Oh my! How cute is this?!
It’s a sweet pattern that also comes with instructions for booties.
We love Be Sweet Yarn and patterns. The yarn Bambino Taffy for this project is soft and color changes with bright summer colors, patriotic red/ white/ blue, and a watermelon ish one as well.
Perfect cotton hat for all year round.
The pattern changes and color changes in the yarn keep it interesting.
Happy knitting!

Mary Mary Pettis-Sarley how does your garden grow? With alpaca, sheep, and little goats. And coriepsis all in a row…

So last weekend we had a dye workshop up at Twirl in Napa, CA. The weather was perfect… Sunny, hot with a nice breeze and lots of cool shade from the grape vines.
We learned about natural dyes, mortars, and that duplicating a naturally dyed yarn is near impossible 😉

Mary loves her animals and treats them with such kindness. She glows when she talks about her bummer lambs or Celeste or Cupcake, Peanut Butter, or Carolina the cow.
She has respect for her animals and likes to honor them by naming colors or yarns after them.
Twirl is a magical place with creatures of all shapes, sizes, and talent. The day was fun and relaxed and we all left with four beautifully dyed yarns!
1. 100% wool tan
2. 100% wool white
3. Alpaca blend brown
4. Alpaca blend darkish grey
The fibers all took the dyes differently. I put the two lighter yarns in the “pink” pot and the colors are pretty different shades. Same dye but different fibers.



Dying is completely new to me. Aside from mixing some Rit in my washer and tossing in wet clothes?! I have no experience. Mary is very whimsical about her dying and doesn’t waste time with worry. She loves all the colors she gets and tends to avoid trying to force a color onto a fiber. Which makes for a happy dye lady😉
While we were at the ranch Mary sent us off in all directions foraging for dye materials. Including Chris driving a “Mule” (which is like a 4WD golf cart) to another part of the property. She wasn’t hovering or pointing to a specific branch or flower. She was laid back, willing to let us explore and pick at her garden. It was a generous welcome!

This little squirt was searching for left over pastries

This one found a yummy bush!

Mom tried to pick up a grouchy gopher snake – he wasn’t having it.
And after the tour and getting to pet a LESS than one day old baby alpaca, we hiked back, collected our yarns in baggies, and said our good byes. It was such a good time. The atmosphere was relaxed, the company was wonderful and Mary and Chris are so welcoming it was easy to feel at home.
And Mary made these parting gifts for all her students!




I am doing more dye research and even looking into a “dye garden” I will share what I find and can’t wait to share my interview with Mary here on the blog! Yee! For those of you who haven’t met Mary or seen her with her animals – you will get to know her a little. I love our local yarn farm!
Happy creating!

We have become a little fancy! Shelli’s Necessary Cowl pattern is now available in the super cute/ easy to travel postcard! On the reverse side there is a little info on Shelli and the shop. (And a cute photo)
I love it!
Happy Knitting!

In 2003 Knitwhits came to be. Creating and selling knit kits. Fast forward… To now 😉 and there is a new creative happening from the Knitwhits folks. It’s a company called Freia. The yarn comes in lace, sport, fingering, and worsted weights. It’s 100% wool and silk merino blend and is available in three different yarns, ombré, Flux, and Semi Colors. So pretty and so soft this yarn is being gobbled up. Check out the Freia patterns for some inspo…
And look at how awesome it really is!!


Shelli could not wait to get some on her needles!

And Kate – our fabulous friend being fabulous! 😍

Hope you can check out our selection of Ombré before its gone😃

And for all you animal lovers… The yarn is named after this beauty

Happy knitting (with Freia😘)

So I am still slowly working on my shawl. So much excitement has been going on that I haven’t had time to pick it up…


Friday we got Mad Tosh!! Sock, DK, lace! Mmmmm!!



Saturday Cheryl and I played with chickie babes and held down Fort Knitterly, then my house was taken over by munchkins…




Saturday was also the non opening 😉 of Good Gray. They share the space with Maude, on Western in downtown Petaluma. Check them out! Lilly – who is Knitterly’s youngest shop girl – and her Mamma, Laurel, are the owners of the fabulous Good Gray. Which is cleverly named after Mr Walt Whitman, the Good Gray Poet. They have canning, pickling, book binding, honey bee kits and even jam and pickles! Mmm. I can’t wait to get my kids one of their swing kits.
Sunday we celebrated Jen (a sweet Knitterly Mamma) and her baby belly.



The beautiful blanket all the Knitterly girls made for Jen and her families latest addition.

It was such a lovely evening. Lots of yummy food, laughter and happy memories.
Hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as we had.
Time to make room for knitting this week😉
Happy Monday! Happy Knitting!


I love this blanket!! It’s so darn cute. I was ooogling on… Becauuuuse – Sound the trumpets! Mad Tosh is coming today… The yarn I mean 😉 We usually get our goods in the afternoon and we have people waiting for this one… Hope he comes early. Ron (our UPS guy) may be tackled before he can even unload the boxes.
So there you have it! Sometime today we will get Madeline Tosh 😍
What a great way to start the weekend!
Happy (yarn) lusting!
And happy FRIDAY!

Who doesn’t like the smell of baked goods?! Warming up the house on a rainy day (or a sunny morning – like today) with some homemade scones or cookies?? There is something romantic about knitting while a delicious treat bakes in the oven.
Here is something yummy (and Wheat Free) to bake up for breakfast, brunch, or a carb fest… A friend adapted this for me a while back and I really can not get enough!
Mia’s Wheat-Free scones:
2 cups Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons unsalted butter, frozen
1/2 cup sour cream
1 large egg

*set the oven to 400

Mix the dry ingredients in a med bowl…. Cut butter into cubes and mix (with hands) into the flour.

Whisk egg and sour cream until smooth

Using a fork, stir sour cream mixture into flour mixture until large dough clumps form. Use your hands to press the dough against the bowl into a ball. (The dough will be sticky in places, and there may not seem to be enough liquid at first, but as you press, the dough will come together

Form a circle, sprinkle with sugar, and with a sharp knife cut into triangles

Bake 15 min until golden (pony boy!)

Cool… Not that I ever do – so yummy to pop a fresh (hot as a BBQ) scone into your mouth. Enjoy! And you can adapt the flour to regular flour or GF…
It’s been raining on and off – beautiful but wet.. so we have been inside baking, making forts and I’ve been trying to catch up on my knitting 😉
I am so excited about this!!! My nNecessary Cowl! This yarn is one i have been fantasizing about for a while now. I used one skein of the Shi Bui ‘Linen’ and two balls of the Grignasio ‘Takil’. The purple contrast yarn is what I had left over from Erika Knight’s Fat Fur Wool,from a pattern I made this week ….. (Soon to be shared) Its so pretty I want to keep it- but it’s a gift and will be well loved.
br />
Happy Knitting! (and Baking!)

*let me know how your scones turn out… And send me a photo of you in your cowl 😘*<


The Imperial Stock Ranch is going to be the best retreat ! I’m practically giddy – ok I am giddy!
We will be knitting by the campfire, drinking wine at dinner and learning some knitting tricks from Julie Weisenberger of Coco Knits. (Psst! I’ve seen them and I’m real excited!!)
Vogue Knitting Live just hosted a retreat at Imperial Stock Ranch, Creative Knitting Magazine just did an article and so did Oregen Culture.
Say goodbye to chores, work, stress and have a relaxing weekend with some awesome woman and knitting.
Call up your BFF, knitting buddy or sister and hop on this knitting train. Yee! Ok I’m only a little excited. But it does happen to fall on my 29th birthday weekend💕
I hope I see your beautiful faces sitting on the bus to the ranch 😃
Happy planning!