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The sidewalk sale is always a ton of fun! Today is the last day of this years sale. It’s been fun and our awesome customers have come from in town to out of state to build a mountain of a “stash”.
We still have a couple bags…


And fabulous yarns to move on out before fall calls on the yummy winter yarns.



Yep there is Alchemy, Rowan, Tahki, and lots of the best in there.
Hope to see you all today!

Happy “Stashing”!



Saturday we had a dye workshop at Twirl in Napa, CA. The most amazing views!



Some coffee and pastries

We all talked and some brought knitting (smarty pants! I wished I had some) and Mary gave us the skinny on her experience and how she came to live on the amazing (seriously! Amazing!) 2,000 acre ranch in Napa. Surrounded by all the wonderful animals she loves and names.

She shared her love of fiber and could barley hold back from just tossing the soft fiber on us (wishful thinking??) it was so soft and really white.

Then we “foraged” for dye.. And by we I mean I gabbed away and watched all the happy dyers cut, pick, and pluck, for the dye baths.

(Heading out in the mule to hunt)

A soon to be dye!!

We had four fiber choices to choose from. We could choose two from each table… I chose one of each fiber.

We all picked a little something to put our yarn in..

Then we plopped our yarn in the “vats” which all varied in sizes and materials. Bowls, pots set on camping stoves, and a huge iron pot on a fire (hot people).
While we waited for our yarn to have a relaxing tub of color we had a nice tour of a small part of Mary’s home.






So much to see and do and to be done out here. It’s truly a hard working duo that keep this ranch running. The animals are loved and cared for and the garden is beautiful. It’s a peaceful place to be and a great way to disconnect from the phone and enjoy your surroundings.
I will share more but I’m leaving this as a “to be continued”. I took photos of my yarn and will be collecting photos of other dye day ladies too. Can’t wait to share!
Happy knitting!

I love to write list a good list. I will call it a hobby. My favorite kind is a “bucket list”, checking things off is the best part- feeling accomplished.
My recent ’29 before 30′ list inspired me to ask: what makes me happy? What improves my quality of life? What do I love to do? (Besides write lists 😉)
Family, friends, exercise, – Yes I love it!, adventure, and crafting. Not solely these things … But these things for sure. Anyway before I had my daughter I started a knitting group. I basically recruited my friends and taught them to knit so we could have a knit night. (He he- I made my own knitting army!) Then we’d meet once a week at Knitterly and gab about life and kids and knit. I looked forward to it every week. And it was the for sure thing that got me to knit, out of the house, and time with my friends – sans kids.
Then life got “busy”. Ugh! What a lame excuse – my least favorite to be honest. I still hang out with my friends often but knitting is not on the repertoire and kids are usually present and demanding most of the attention. I don’t finish projects quickly – at all -these days and rarely have time to knit. Unless its the butt crack of dawn or late at night. It’s so important to not be “too busy” for life’s pleasures and to make time for people you love – who make you happy.
We have woman who have been coming to Tuesday Night at Knitterly for years. They sit and talk and knit and sometimes people don’t need much help – It’s more social, but its every week which makes it easier. Like going to a class at the gym, it’s harder to cancel when friends are counting on you to be there.
With social media like Ravelry, there are new friendships popping up in our shop. Regular customers who never previously met are finding each other on Ravelry and then meeting at Knitterly. One Saturday two regular customers came in, Knitterly, together. I knew them both and didn’t think much of it. They sat down on some cozy chairs and started pulling projects from their bags. Both woman were really excited, laughing and chatting. they stayed quite a while. Before they left they told me they had met in Ravelry!! What?! These two woman had definitely been in the shop at the same time over the years – and not even realized! They met on Ravelry, shared the same LYS (local yarn shop) Knitterly and decided they should me in person. Loved it! They had started a friendship based on a mutual love for knitting and Knitterly.
I recently had a birthday (29 thank you! It’s going to be awesome!) I made a “29 before 30” list, 29 things to do before 30.
“#28. Start knitting night again” is definitely worth going on the list and definitely worth making time for. It’s also an excuse to have a ladies night regularly! A time separate from my- awesome munchkins, to just be Ash.
I highly recommend starting your own knitting group. If you don’t have a knitting venue, every Tuesday we have “Tuesday Night” it’s a semi class. For $10 you basically get the ‘backstage pass’. The shop is open 6:30-8:30 and there are teachers to help if you need, supplies for sale and a pretty great atmosphere for a knitting group.
My dear friend, Kit, who has had her knitting group for years gets together with her friends every Wednesday to knit. Every week they rotate someone’s house. I love this! The host makes snacks and drinks – its like a mini knitting party, every week!

If you have friends who knit start a knitting group and rotate houses, meet at Knitterly (there are chairs all over and you are welcome to knit in the shop anytime), hang at a coffee shop. I think knitting should be a prescription for good health. So I’m writing one for you..



We will be saying good bye to our cute, not so little, chickie babes this week. Butter and Egg Days bring our awesome town more chicks than Easter.
Seriously will be hard to follow up that window display – not much as cute as those little fuzz balls!
We do still have some fun puppets if you missed out Saturday…
This week I’m sewing my kiddos a puppet “theatre” for the many Folkmanis puppets the Omi (AKA Gramma) has supplied. We have a few sewing books and I can’t wait to try out this pattern.
I also have some fun Pom Pom trim ideas to share… It’s gonna be a good week!
Plus my Mom and I are working on Imperial Stock Ranch sweaters and I can’t wait to do a little show and tell.
We also (I’m getting help from the shop girls with this one) have some book reviews! Love those right?! I am a book freak and buy them faster than I could ever read – or knit. Which leaves me with stacks of books all over our house. Book reviews are priceless… Could save a trip to the used book sales for an unread book😉

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Ours was filled with adventure, snow,
sunshine, friends and family. We even hung out with Laura and Huck from Jimmy Beans Wool … Good fun comes when yarn shops collide😉

Happy Monday! Happy knitting! And stay tuned this week for some fun projects!

Butter and Egg Days!! This weekend! We have our festive shop window bringing in lots of smiling kids and sentimental adults…. And those who are like “why the heck do you have chicks in your window?!” Ha
Either way they are adorable, fluffy, and have their own song of scratching and cheeping around their happy pen in the Knitterly window.
After the parade all the chicks will go to their new homes. We have been selling them (pretty sure Cheryl is a happy Mamna of four.. Chickie’s)
The window is also decorated in goofy/ fun puppets. Folkmanis makes pretty great puppets. The crazy looking chicken is my fave! There are cows, chickens, chicks, mini bunnies, and our usual suspects of alpaca, sheep, rabbits, and llama. Such a good time!
Our window is B&E ready! Knitterly will be closed… We will be open Sunday, for the Antique Faire!!


Happy Petaluma weekend!!

So I am still slowly working on my shawl. So much excitement has been going on that I haven’t had time to pick it up…


Friday we got Mad Tosh!! Sock, DK, lace! Mmmmm!!



Saturday Cheryl and I played with chickie babes and held down Fort Knitterly, then my house was taken over by munchkins…




Saturday was also the non opening 😉 of Good Gray. They share the space with Maude, on Western in downtown Petaluma. Check them out! Lilly – who is Knitterly’s youngest shop girl – and her Mamma, Laurel, are the owners of the fabulous Good Gray. Which is cleverly named after Mr Walt Whitman, the Good Gray Poet. They have canning, pickling, book binding, honey bee kits and even jam and pickles! Mmm. I can’t wait to get my kids one of their swing kits.
Sunday we celebrated Jen (a sweet Knitterly Mamma) and her baby belly.



The beautiful blanket all the Knitterly girls made for Jen and her families latest addition.

It was such a lovely evening. Lots of yummy food, laughter and happy memories.
Hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as we had.
Time to make room for knitting this week😉
Happy Monday! Happy Knitting!

Blustery days lend to lots of thinking, yesterday at least. I was tearing pages of my magazines (old habits die hard – Pre Pinterest days) and I found so many inspiring ideas. Fashion can change the way a person looks and feels. Feel taller, thinner, more confident, elegant, graceful, fun – a fun pair of shoes can make a girl happy. I love it!

We are the fortunate ones. The ones who have a talent and craft that can be both practical and adventurous. Knitting is a talent that I honestly think can change lives and better attitudes. Customers have told me its helped them through (their kids) teenage years, divorce, loss, boredom, and it inspires. Knitting for a new baby, a friends wedding… And my favorite?? the CLOSET!! Such a happy place. Where I can find and create inspiration. Clothes make me look and feel unique. When we make our own clothes it’s a double bonus. It’s time and money well invested.
I see a dress and think of a pretty light weight cardi to go over or some kind of fringy neck cover. Or jeans and a slouchy white tee with a faux fur vest over. Fashion is fun and being a part of creating it… That’s my favorite part.
I’m super into fringe right now and have been searching for one of those triangle bathing suits to knit (with lots of fringe hanging down) I have found some pretty inspiring designers recently. Check out Spell & The Gypsy Collective and Buffalo Girl… They are winter when we are summer… But the best inspiration!!
I can’t wait to turn some of these ideas I’m having into knits! Maybe even translate into patterns🙏
Knitterly is getting in some new shipments this week and next week. Can’t wait to share! Spring is so fun!

Happy Knitting!


Coffee, morning treats, steaming dye pots, lots of awesome animals, gorgeous view? Who’s in, right??
June 1 from 10 …. ( to whenever – because there is a time warp at Twirl we all will be sucked into!!) Mary will be hosting a dye day!! We are super excited about this. The space is limited for this event so sign up asap (we are closed today so call tomorrow 707 762 YARN)


Cost: $75.00
Time: 10am – whenever
Where: Twirl (adventure) Ranch, Napa CA
What: Coffee and breakfast treats will be served in the AM
We will be dying two skeins of her magical yarns
pack a brown bag lunch and water..

This will be so fun! Ahhh can not wait!

I will be there for sure

(Butt kicking Gaurdians)

So I finally joined the rest of the crafting world on Ravelry. My username is “Ashknitterly” I have only a few patterns up so far… But it’s actually super motivating. I want to get photos up and hit the 100% done! I just posted my Necessary Cowl and I’ll have my Erika Knight project up by Monday.
I haven’t quite figured it out but I’ll be looking for you and you
Happy Friday!


The Imperial Stock Ranch is going to be the best retreat ! I’m practically giddy – ok I am giddy!
We will be knitting by the campfire, drinking wine at dinner and learning some knitting tricks from Julie Weisenberger of Coco Knits. (Psst! I’ve seen them and I’m real excited!!)
Vogue Knitting Live just hosted a retreat at Imperial Stock Ranch, Creative Knitting Magazine just did an article and so did Oregen Culture.
Say goodbye to chores, work, stress and have a relaxing weekend with some awesome woman and knitting.
Call up your BFF, knitting buddy or sister and hop on this knitting train. Yee! Ok I’m only a little excited. But it does happen to fall on my 29th birthday weekend💕
I hope I see your beautiful faces sitting on the bus to the ranch 😃
Happy planning!