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So our little Miss picked out our Sweetie Pie hat to wear with her fabulous outfit today. It’s such a fun hat. She chose to wear it herself- too stinking cute!




Oh my! How cute is this?!
It’s a sweet pattern that also comes with instructions for booties.
We love Be Sweet Yarn and patterns. The yarn Bambino Taffy for this project is soft and color changes with bright summer colors, patriotic red/ white/ blue, and a watermelon ish one as well.
Perfect cotton hat for all year round.
The pattern changes and color changes in the yarn keep it interesting.
Happy knitting!



We all have those projects. You know the one. The one you carry everywhere, botch the pattern daily and rip it multiple times -Ugh!
I have been knitting this sweater for a few weeks now. Putting it aside because I need to focus and its almost impossible with my mini’s around.
I didn’t pick up my wrap and turns, I lost track of my rows, I missed the *note* that in bold said “at the same time shape neck edge”, then I picked up my wraps and it looked terrible… I’m convinced this is the last time I will cast on and knit the short rows!

The yarn is SOO nice I’m loving all the knitting I’m getting out of this first skein. The yarn is not being destroyed being ripped and knitted so many times – such a good sign of a quality yarn. My Mom laughed when I told her that I’m really getting my money’s worth because I’m reuniting it so much … But it’s true. It’s like bonus knitting.
This go around I wrote all my knitted rows and paid attention to where I needed to start the neck shaping. And I did not pick up the wraps this time (because it looked like a Tetris price for some reason even I did pick them up… It looks better if I skip that part.) I’m really happy with the way it has turned out so far. Smooth with a perfect rounded edge.
It’s also a quick knit, I’m using # 11 for the body and sleeves and then # 15 for the edging. So if I can ever get the hang of it I will be smoking this pattern in a week or so. Wish me good knitting “ju-ju” ha ha
Happy re knitting knitting

*pattern: Color Flow Cardigan
Size: Small
Yarn: Anna 70% wool/ 30% cotton
*imperial stock ranch yarn*
Needle: Dreamz 32″ #11/15
(I love my interchangeable kit!!)


We will be saying good bye to our cute, not so little, chickie babes this week. Butter and Egg Days bring our awesome town more chicks than Easter.
Seriously will be hard to follow up that window display – not much as cute as those little fuzz balls!
We do still have some fun puppets if you missed out Saturday…
This week I’m sewing my kiddos a puppet “theatre” for the many Folkmanis puppets the Omi (AKA Gramma) has supplied. We have a few sewing books and I can’t wait to try out this pattern.
I also have some fun Pom Pom trim ideas to share… It’s gonna be a good week!
Plus my Mom and I are working on Imperial Stock Ranch sweaters and I can’t wait to do a little show and tell.
We also (I’m getting help from the shop girls with this one) have some book reviews! Love those right?! I am a book freak and buy them faster than I could ever read – or knit. Which leaves me with stacks of books all over our house. Book reviews are priceless… Could save a trip to the used book sales for an unread book😉

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Ours was filled with adventure, snow,
sunshine, friends and family. We even hung out with Laura and Huck from Jimmy Beans Wool … Good fun comes when yarn shops collide😉

Happy Monday! Happy knitting! And stay tuned this week for some fun projects!

Woah Mamma! yesterday was so windy. I avoided at all costs. Thankfully it was chilly enough to turn the oven on and bake up some yummy (sheep) cookies. The kids watched a movie and I got to thinking about my ‘Dunlin” shawl, from the Bird Collection by Helga Isager. I had taken it out… forever ago and I haven’t put it back on the needles. Until last night. With the Twirl ‘Dye Day’ on my mind I dug in my stash and found the exact colors – in Twirling Petals- I was using in the Isager yarn, eh hmm, my name is Ashleigh and I like love Pink. The Twirling Petals is a softer wool. It’s sweater worthy. The colors are so fabulous. I have a dark grey “Twilight” and a soft Pink “Cochineal “. It’s a light yarn with a luscious blend of alpaca, suri alpaca, kid mohair and soft lambswool. Her yarns are minimally processed (from her very own animals) and the color ways are fun. If you have not yet, I highly recommend trying both Twirl and Twirling Petals.
I was originally knitting ‘Dunlin’ with the Alpaca 1 on a size 2 (the pattern calls for a size 4) but the Twirl is bigger so I upped the needle to a size 5. I busted out the Dreamz Interchangables with a 24” cord. These are my favorite ever! (We are currently sold out)
The ‘Dunlin’ pattern is so cool, it’s knitted from the neck down. I have made the self fringe shawl before and basic corner to corner shawls but this is made similar to a top down sweater. It’s already going really fast (i said that last time too ;D) and I am hoping to share it with you by the end of the week. You know when you aren’t ‘feeling’ a project and something needs to be adjusted? Well that was me and ‘Dunlin’ ;D so now its readjusted and hopefully the next time I bring it up it will be a finished product on my shoulders. Come in check out the yarn and get your spot for the Dye Day at Twirl Farm!
Happy Knitting!


•SO good!!

Who doesn’t like the smell of baked goods?! Warming up the house on a rainy day (or a sunny morning – like today) with some homemade scones or cookies?? There is something romantic about knitting while a delicious treat bakes in the oven.
Here is something yummy (and Wheat Free) to bake up for breakfast, brunch, or a carb fest… A friend adapted this for me a while back and I really can not get enough!
Mia’s Wheat-Free scones:
2 cups Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons unsalted butter, frozen
1/2 cup sour cream
1 large egg

*set the oven to 400

Mix the dry ingredients in a med bowl…. Cut butter into cubes and mix (with hands) into the flour.

Whisk egg and sour cream until smooth

Using a fork, stir sour cream mixture into flour mixture until large dough clumps form. Use your hands to press the dough against the bowl into a ball. (The dough will be sticky in places, and there may not seem to be enough liquid at first, but as you press, the dough will come together

Form a circle, sprinkle with sugar, and with a sharp knife cut into triangles

Bake 15 min until golden (pony boy!)

Cool… Not that I ever do – so yummy to pop a fresh (hot as a BBQ) scone into your mouth. Enjoy! And you can adapt the flour to regular flour or GF…
It’s been raining on and off – beautiful but wet.. so we have been inside baking, making forts and I’ve been trying to catch up on my knitting 😉
I am so excited about this!!! My nNecessary Cowl! This yarn is one i have been fantasizing about for a while now. I used one skein of the Shi Bui ‘Linen’ and two balls of the Grignasio ‘Takil’. The purple contrast yarn is what I had left over from Erika Knight’s Fat Fur Wool,from a pattern I made this week ….. (Soon to be shared) Its so pretty I want to keep it- but it’s a gift and will be well loved.
br />
Happy Knitting! (and Baking!)

*let me know how your scones turn out… And send me a photo of you in your cowl 😘*<

These tape measures are ah-doooor-able!

Oh hello gorgeous Erika Knight yarn… Wait till you see the other yarn from her collection. It’s awesome!

Ok knitters pride aren’t new but they are super fabulous and we just received a new shipment
We have so many fun things currently in the shop. New project bags by Hadaki, BlockHead Press, Chicken Boots, and Slip Stitch Studios.
New colors of Pencil roving by Imperial Yarns, new Imperial patterns, and we have re stocked our Columbia and Anna yarn as well. (If you haven’t yet sign up for the retreat- do it! It’s going to be epic!)
Coco Knits has some fabulous patterns out. The Weekend Wrap vest that takes #17 needles and drapes so perfectly?! Oh yes I will knit that, thank you.
The Necessary Cowl kits are flying out the door and this will be your last chance to get your hands on these, lustable, discontinued yarns.
We also have Classic Elite, Manos and Madeline Tosh on its way!

And check the website for class updates. Julie of Coco Knits, beginning knitting, beginning crochet, self fringe shawl, any time tank, top down sweater… Lots of fun classes!
This week I’ll be sharing some pretty fun knits. Erika Knight vest(s) adult and kid versions, my Imperial Stock Ranch sweater, what I did with the Shi Bui linen.
Happy Monday!


Oh its necessary Have you seen it on Ravelry? Have you made one? We are loving these and rocking them in tons of colors, yarns, and in our very stylish ways 😉

The Lovely Gail

Our awesome Tuesday girl, Carol

How cute is Paige?!

Anie rocking the “Mink”

Shelli keeping warm while grooming the wonderful Miss April

Sam! Looks so happy in this cowl don’t you want one too?!

Ahhh! Heidi looking like one of her dolls!

Lilly! so sweet! (love the big smile girly!)

Kristy – is! Stylin her cowl AND knitting?!

And the lovely Jimmy Beans babes!

We love the simplicity of the pattern and the kits are so inexpensive! It’s a cowl for everyone. I love how all of our styles are so different and we all look great wearing it.
Make one and send us a photo to add to our blog, FB, Twitter, and IG 😉

Happy Cowling!

The kitchen is my place. My family has spent a lot of time leaning over counters (my whole life). The kitchen is the life blood to this family. And kitchen tools are like toys 😀 Dish towels are often an exciting accessory to the fridge, oven, or tossed over a shoulder.
When my favorite towels started to fall apart I looked for something to turn them into. And along comes Ms Erika Knight to revive my ragged towels.
In her book Natural Nursery Knits there is the perfect solution to my issue. A rag basket. So I got to ripping.
5 hand towels later I have this, and couldn’t be happier.



Happy Knitting!

Seasons are a changing! Fashion is evolving and spring is here! The shop girls are switching things up. Out with the cold and in with the new. Linen, cotton, bamboo, and light weight fibers. The set up is awesome and I am falling in love with spring/ summer yarns, textures and color ways.
In particular is a gorgeous linen by Shi Bui. I’ve been lusting after the coral and navy – would make the best striped, loose knit sweater or scarf or floppy hat… Ahh I’ve picked up the combo so many times I feel like the sweater exists.


Erika Knight says “knit all summer long” and since she is a knit genius – I’ll be planning out my summer knits. Have you seen the “fur gillet”?! Um yes please! Ev and I will be matching matching 😉 It’s so on trend and knits up in a weekend. Unique pieces are essential! And pieces that go fall/ winter/ summer?! The best.


Knitterly is filled with bright colors, soft yarns, light weight textures and guess what I saw a box of?? Unpacked! Madeline Tosh. Holy amazing yarn! seriously not going to be here long – our shop girls are drooling already!

We also have the trunk show for the Coastal knits book. It’s so good. We sell the book $22 and have all the samples to try on.


For all you lantern moon needles lovers we have something exciting in! Rosewood interchangeable lantern moon circulars! Yep! They are really nice.

So much coming in and coming up. We will have Julie of Coco Knits here, Imperial Stock Ranch retreat (reserve your spot! Going fast) interviews with amazing designers and fiber artists (Don’t you want to know who?!)
What are you excited to knit?? Spring knitting projects? Tell me! I love to talk knit/ design/ yarn…
Happy Thursday!

Yee! I have picked (and I am ready to knit!) EvaLou’s sweater for Easter Sunday.
The winner is… Amimono Bird collection “Dove Cardigan” knitted with Shi Bui “Baby Alpaca” It’s going to be a pleasure to knit! It’s a gorgeously soft yarn and the pattern is bottom up… No sewing! Yee.
I think I will only need two skeins. “Baby Alpaca” has 255yards and 100g. The smallest size is for a 3T with yarn doubled on a size 4 & 6 needle. I’m making mine for a 18 month old and not doubling on a size 5. It should turn out good… Ok think happy thoughts.
I should just plan to knit the entire book. Seriously so gorgeous.
I’m off to get to it!