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The sidewalk sale is always a ton of fun! Today is the last day of this years sale. It’s been fun and our awesome customers have come from in town to out of state to build a mountain of a “stash”.
We still have a couple bags…


And fabulous yarns to move on out before fall calls on the yummy winter yarns.



Yep there is Alchemy, Rowan, Tahki, and lots of the best in there.
Hope to see you all today!

Happy “Stashing”!


Seasons are a changing! Fashion is evolving and spring is here! The shop girls are switching things up. Out with the cold and in with the new. Linen, cotton, bamboo, and light weight fibers. The set up is awesome and I am falling in love with spring/ summer yarns, textures and color ways.
In particular is a gorgeous linen by Shi Bui. I’ve been lusting after the coral and navy – would make the best striped, loose knit sweater or scarf or floppy hat… Ahh I’ve picked up the combo so many times I feel like the sweater exists.


Erika Knight says “knit all summer long” and since she is a knit genius – I’ll be planning out my summer knits. Have you seen the “fur gillet”?! Um yes please! Ev and I will be matching matching 😉 It’s so on trend and knits up in a weekend. Unique pieces are essential! And pieces that go fall/ winter/ summer?! The best.


Knitterly is filled with bright colors, soft yarns, light weight textures and guess what I saw a box of?? Unpacked! Madeline Tosh. Holy amazing yarn! seriously not going to be here long – our shop girls are drooling already!

We also have the trunk show for the Coastal knits book. It’s so good. We sell the book $22 and have all the samples to try on.


For all you lantern moon needles lovers we have something exciting in! Rosewood interchangeable lantern moon circulars! Yep! They are really nice.

So much coming in and coming up. We will have Julie of Coco Knits here, Imperial Stock Ranch retreat (reserve your spot! Going fast) interviews with amazing designers and fiber artists (Don’t you want to know who?!)
What are you excited to knit?? Spring knitting projects? Tell me! I love to talk knit/ design/ yarn…
Happy Thursday!

Who wants our golden ticket?!

We are so excited for the sale we are practically jumping up and down. Don’t we agree that presentation is what it’s allll about?!
These kits are so much prettier than having bins of sale yarn all tossed together and just waiting to lose their labels 😉
You will love the display! Yeee! I love them ALLL soooo much! I won’t be working at the warehouse sale because my greedy yarn having hands will want to hoard every bag! He he
We will have a very exciting raffle going during the sale (only at the warehouse). $5 raffle tickets will be sold starting Friday. You will be entered to win a… Drum roll please…. $150.00 gift certificate. Woah baby!!! A name will be drawn after the sale and the (happy) winner can use it on whatever their heart desires. Classes, books, cashmere, needle sets… Anything! No limit to how many tickets. All the raffle money will go to Jesse. Good cause and great reward 💕

*Dolly is playing Vanna for this hot ticket!

Ok so you have asked (alot of you have asked) what is on sale? Ok so here is a list is some of the goodies:
plastic pony needles
Lana Grossa
Tahki Stacy Charles
Louisa Harding
Classic elite
Sock yarns
ANNNDDD my Mom spotted some great bags of yarn from Muench and GGH. (a couple balls of Touch Me 😉)





Happy planning!



Knitterly and Muench sitting in a tree K-N-I-T-T-I-N-G….first comes the yarns…
We are SOOO excited for the sale! Since moving up… Literally we moved our “back stock” out of the basement and into… Well everywhere.
My brothers old room, my old room, the living room, upstairs at knitterly… Phew! So much yarn!
Fortunately my Mom is a really really good stylist and has made hundreds of awesome kits. We will be setting up shop at Muench Yarn’s warehouse next Friday and Saturday. Yeee buddy!
Who’s going to be there? Kits, books, and can not wait to see what yarns Kirsten will have on sale.




This is a sneak peak people… Wait for it!
Happy collecting!

Good morning!
Monday is here and it’s the last week before Christmas. I know I have gifts I have to get done. Things for our kids, family, friends. Intention is always important but follow through is key. And there is definitely time to finish a lot of the suggestions I’ve given the last two weeks. So today I’m reminding you of a great gift that you’ll be able to make a few of, wrap and gift Christmas eve/ Christmas day.
Remember this headband idea?
Headbands can be basic or intricate. Cables or simply cast on 14 on #7/8 (or the width you like) and knit until it just fits your head from front to back – you want it to be snug.
Come into the shop, use the one I did in this post or make one up. But the yarn will make the band the perfect gift. I use cashmere for mine! And guess what!? We are going to have a sale Friday December 21, we are open late (till 9PM) and our Cashmere is 30% off. Holy crow I know! Not only that but for every $50.00 you spend you are entered into our raffle to win THREE skeins of cashmere of your choice. Yee buddy.
Have a happy day
And happy knitting

Petaluma Downtown is celebrating Winter Solstice & the FRIDAY before Christmas with some really fun stuff , chestnut roasting cart (I’ve heard this is FAB.), hot apple cider & Christmas caroling, lots of fun for shoppers! So shop local and enjoy this very fun evening. Most merchants are open late (9pm). Knitterly is doing their own special little something….. a cashmere sale! The ultimate winter cozy fiber is 30% off . Extra fun……..for every $50 spent you get a ticket to enter a drawing to win 3 skeins of cashmere (your choice). Celebrate this winter with the ultimate knitting fiber……CASHMERE.

Wow 2 weeks till Christmas.
Now is the time to be finishing our handmade gifts and starting the ones that are quick and simple. It’s not too late to have a handmade holiday and I still have some great idea to share. I’m working on two Christmas stockings, the kids knitted toys, a couple hats and some scarves, I also have a few babe items waiting to get on some needles.
Baby gifts are a great gift anytime. But during winter you can get real fun. A ear flap hat with faux fur, a faux fur shawl collar, leg warmers, sweaters, cozy booties, and of course blankets are great.
We have so many great baby and kids books. My favorite isnatural nursery knits by Erika Knight. It’s fabulous. I’ve made a pair of booties from that book at least seven times. There is also a garter stitch blanket that’s so pretty. It has a beautiful old fashion edge. With baby goods fancy isn’t too important. It will most likely become a family heirloom and be loved for decades. I have three crocheted blankets from great Grandmothers, my Hubby has one, and Waylon has the last knitted blanket from his Great Grandma, Nonnie.
I think the most important requirement for baby knits is softness. (Maybe its a tie with machine washable)
Sometimes we pick expensive, fancy, unique yarns and sometimes we need a basic machine washable with great stitch definition, soft and fun colors. I have some great suggestions.
We also have two new books I can’t wait to try. knits for babies 0-18 months by Susie Haumann. One pattern in particular I have my eye on is the bib. So cute! The second book is both crochet and knit and has a lot to offer. comfort knitting & Crochet babies and toddlers by Norah Gaughan and Berroco design team. Bertie Bird is such a sweet pattern. It’s a toy bird and I heart it! Also the Havilland Blanket, yum!
We also carry the small Debbie bliss paperback books. There are classic and modern designs. We sell out often and the stules never get old (hence classic 😉) We carry Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino but have plenty of other fabulous washable yarns for knitting baby and kids garments and toys that you can substitute.

My list: Fabulous yarn for Bebé/ kids

1.Spud & Chloe
Fiber: 50 organic cotton/ 50 superwash merino
Price: $14.00
Why: this yarn has beautiful stitch definition, super soft ( more after knitting and even more after washing). The color way is both bright and neutral. With lime green, bright red, blues, grey, black and white there are choices for whom ever. (I’d suggest this yarn for everything I’ve made baby blankets, the knitted toys, and hats from this yarn. It would be perfect for cabling and seed stitch.

Yards: 200
Fiber: 75% acrylic/ 25% wool
Price: $6
Why: this yarn is also soooo soft. I just made slippers for my cousin Jesse (almost done with this pattern), the knitted horse for Ava. A hat for a friend, and a cowl. It’s machine wash and dry (though I never really recommend the dryer. It sucks life out of things.) this yarn come variegated and solid. Bright, dark, and neutral there really is a wide spectrum for this lines color way.

Baby Cashmerino:
Yardage: 137
Fiber: 55% merino/ 33% microfiber/ 12% cashmere
Price: $10.00
Why: this is a great super wash (don’t dry it! Just don’t) love the vintage-ish color way.

Koigu Kersti
Fiber: 100% Merino
Price: $13.50
Why: *not machine washable* this yarn is awe-some! It’s fluffy, soft, fun and unique colors. There has been many baby items made with this yarn over the years. So good!

Eco Butterfly
Fiber:100% organic cotton
Why: my kids each have blankies knit with this yarn. It gets better over time. Softer, cozier, Mmm just better. Both kids sleep with their blankies. It’s not spin like most cotton. Which makes it a bit more pilly. I don’t mind it and it seems to “go away” after some wear. Highly recommend this one.

Happy knitting!

Uh oh my “auto post” wasn’t set yesterday ☺. So you’ll get 7 and 8 today! Bonus day 😄
There is really nothing quite like a hand crafted toy. There are more toys, these days created to look homemade… Why not just make them ourselves?
My girlfriend Vanessa made her son Erio (such an awesome kid!) a knit fox awhile back. His name is Fritz and he is VERY cool. I decided to make our kids some “Fritz’s” for Christmas! Yeee! You can get “Fritz” (aka farmer fox) on Ravelry . Totally worth the $5!
These projects are smallish and have few pieces… Relatively fast… Relative to how often you finish a project😉
I’m making our friends Travis and Nicole’s daughter, Ava, (another awesome munchkin) a pony with hot pink hair from a book called Dream Toys . By Claire Garland. This book is filled with fun magical designs. A Pirate, pirate ship, cowboy, horses, mermaids, fish, princess, castle (yes a castle), fairy, unicorn… Basically is awesome!
And Waylon picked a toy from a Susan B Anderson book called “nursery knits” I cant wait to finish and gift these toys.
Ava loves her stuffies and Waylon loves animals sooo much. They will be appreciative recipients 😉
I adore Susan B Anderson patterns. She has easy to read instructions and practical designs as well as creative. Check out her blog and fun patterns like the tiny tree on Raveley for $2. There is a knit tea set that ive been eyeing for years (I know a certain little girl who may need this). Another favorite of mine is a knit dolly that has ruffle butt pants, dress, a hat with pig tails (matching for little girl as well) and a curl of baby hair on top. It’s so cool- and you’d never guess its home made.
There is also a Spud and Chloe book called Spud & Chloe At The Farm. Very cool book, also by Susan B Anderson. Pigs, cows, sheep, a knit fence. Fun ideas for kid toys. I made Waylon a pig from her itty bitty toys book when he was a babe. I still love that toy and its worn well. I used Rowan organic cotton and it looks like I just made it💜
I haven’t finished these little loves (i still have time… chriatnas is two weeks away 😜) so i will share photos of my finished work asap. I have an almost done (pink¡) fox and an almost done black (and pink¡) horse. But I will share some photos from the books.
My favorite is Susan b Anderson’s itty bitty nursery. One day ill knit that tea set 😉
Cant wait to finish and share these fun projects -before Christmas.
Happy holiday knitting❄






We had so much fun in Reno,our booth came out so great!  Mary from Twirl was my” partner in crime” . Mary is very easy going, like silly putty she says. My silly putty friend has a BIG truck and BIG horse trailer so we were able to bring some really BIG display pieces & lots of yarn. SWEET! We  pre-planned the layout of the booth and rolled everything into place once we were in Reno, Ta DA, I love it when it all comes together like that 🙂  I want to set up Mary’s Twirl produce stand in the window at Knitterly as soon as I get home it was so darn cute! My friend Jan ( who is a yarn rep) came all the way up from the east bay to help, she set up , sold yarn & was great company, she was amazing!!! I feel sooooo blessed. Thanks Jan!!! Everyone was so nice, the show KCGOA, the casino workers, the customers, the other vendors, everyone! I had such a pleasant experience that I was inspired to do Stitches West again this February  with my trade show team Mary & Jan, it should be a blast!

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