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I had so much fun dying this yarn. We left our yarn in ziplock bags over night. Then let them dry completely, mine hung from a tree in the shade for a whole day. Then I put them back in some water with vinegar to “set” the dye (Mary didn’t tell us to do this part) then I rinsed the yarn until it ran clear. Then back to the shady tree spot to dry completely.
One of the dyes was super stinky… Woah where is the dirty diaper kind of smell πŸ˜‰ – but after the second time drying it smelled fine. I’m not sure if that was because of the vinegar or because of rinsing it.
I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with my yarn. I want it to be something awesome because I had a hand in the process … But I think I want to dye more!
I’ve been gardening a lot and I looked into “dye gardens” a little. It’s so fun to go pick flowers or herbs, sticks or leaves to put pretty color into something. Growing the plants, picking them, making a dye bath and mortar by just using a copper pot or copper scrub brush?! It’s seriously cool.
I’m pretty into researching self sustainability and came across the site Mother Earth Living, which I liked because it sounds like Martha Stewart Living (which I love!) there were a list of herbs to plant and which color they will give you.
This is my yarn all wound and ready to knit. It smells nice, is pretty soft and I really like that I stuck it in the pot myself😁





Happy dying knitting!



What a gorgeous place! We are talking, planning, arranging, and getting excited for October! The retreat will be held at the Imperial River Co. a lodge right on the Deschutes river! A fast moving river, hot spot, for the fly fishers and white water rafters. It’s seriously a ‘heaven on earth’ kind of place.
It’s starting to rain and the dark sky looks magical and I can’t wait to see the sky open up.
Here is a taste of what we’ve seen so far…





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Can’t wait to share trip to imperial stock ranch! Yes it deserves italics πŸ˜‰
Happy weekend!


Packing for a knitting retreat… Well I started preparing for our weekend retreat at Imperial Stock Ranch!! Yeee!!
The retreat sort of fell through.. But we really wanted to go still so its happening for a mini group. A pre-retreat, retreat! Excited to give you a taste of what we will be experiencing in October! {Reserve your spot asap}… After you see InstaGram pics and blogs and hear my incessant talking of Imperial Ranch you will be obsessed too.
Sooo back to my packing… Made some meals and stashed them in the freezer, prepared snacks, and baked Paleo treats for the Fam while I’m away.. Then the hard part. Packing. What shoes do I bring? How many projects? I’m going to a ranch- dirt, dust, the wide open πŸ˜‰ and Omigosh have you checked a bag lately?! Paying for my clothing and toothbrush to have a seat (in cargo!) seems a LOT ridiculous! So no that won’t be happening. So flip flops in the bag Frye boots on the feet. I still felt torn between clothing and knit projects. Maybe ill wear the same outfit everyday so I can fit more yarn in… Or I can be completely realistic and bring ONE project because with all good intention aside that is all there is time for⏳
When I found out about the retreat I practically had Imperial on speed dial. I called had a lovely chat with the owners daughter in law and ordered a sweater kit. I started it, wound my yarn and packed it tight. I’m hoping being at the ranch will be motivation to wear it by the end of the weekend.
I’m romanticizing about sunsets, barns and beautiful animals (and cowboy coffee- black and strong)
We will be posting photos on InstaGram {if we have service} through out the weekend and ill definitely do a post about this adventure! Super excited!
Happy Knitting!



It seems ironic for a person, me, who incessantly talks to create something called a ‘quiet book’. I should rename it really. Something more like the really cool book made of felt. Yes that suits me much better.
So I have been a tad… obsessed with the felt we carry now. Its soft thick and i just lust it! and I have a thing for those little wooden russian dolls. The hand painted ones are my favorite. Soooo I cut out some dolls and scene – what a great idea for a kids toy right?!
First I cut my dolls and clothing,tee pee, fire, hats… accessories then I put them on the pages to create my scenes, then I glued the doll parts together. Once the glue dried I stitched them (for safety πŸ˜‰)






Oh My Gosh!! I play with it!
Happy felt cutting….



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Here is a a project I did recently. Added a little fun to our house….

A few yards of Pom Pom trim and some hot glue and your ready! The trim on the planters turned out so cute. It's so sweet and adds a happy touch.
Inspired by 'Anthro' my BFF added some to her bedroom curtains. Super cute.
So many possibilities… The tea cup actually is an Anthro buy from the rents a few years back πŸ˜‰
Happy crafting!


So I am still slowly working on my shawl. So much excitement has been going on that I haven’t had time to pick it up…


Friday we got Mad Tosh!! Sock, DK, lace! Mmmmm!!



Saturday Cheryl and I played with chickie babes and held down Fort Knitterly, then my house was taken over by munchkins…




Saturday was also the non opening πŸ˜‰ of Good Gray. They share the space with Maude, on Western in downtown Petaluma. Check them out! Lilly – who is Knitterly’s youngest shop girl – and her Mamma, Laurel, are the owners of the fabulous Good Gray. Which is cleverly named after Mr Walt Whitman, the Good Gray Poet. They have canning, pickling, book binding, honey bee kits and even jam and pickles! Mmm. I can’t wait to get my kids one of their swing kits.
Sunday we celebrated Jen (a sweet Knitterly Mamma) and her baby belly.



The beautiful blanket all the Knitterly girls made for Jen and her families latest addition.

It was such a lovely evening. Lots of yummy food, laughter and happy memories.
Hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as we had.
Time to make room for knitting this weekπŸ˜‰
Happy Monday! Happy Knitting!

So I finally joined the rest of the crafting world on Ravelry. My username is “Ashknitterly” I have only a few patterns up so far… But it’s actually super motivating. I want to get photos up and hit the 100% done! I just posted my Necessary Cowl and I’ll have my Erika Knight project up by Monday.
I haven’t quite figured it out but I’ll be looking for you and you
Happy Friday!

I am always trying to think of something new, different or un-discovered.. Well folks this is near impossible. I think we all have creativity and inspiration to offer in unique ways. But we are pretty much repeating history – in our own ways with subtle or magnificent gestures. Simple things sometimes usually are the most fun and impressive.
Our super awesome friend Lilly had a birthday recently and the whole fam joined in a wrapping paper decorating session. I ‘unseamed’ a brown Knitterly bag and we colored on it. Then I stuck it under my machine with beautiful Knitterly trim. Voila! The BEST gift wrapping ever.
This is a great way to recycle and reuse your Knitterly brown bags.


Happy Wrapping!

I really wasn’t sure how many dish towels I needed, so I piled up the ones that looked the saddest. Then I started to cut and rip them into strips (ps this towel was not bad I just needed a fifth towel – I found out – and I had not more sad ones πŸ˜‰)


After cutting 4 I started to attach the strips to make my “yarn”

I folded over one end (do this with every strip) and cut a slit. Do this on the two pieces you plan to connect. Then feed one end into one hole. Pull the strip through and feed it into that strips hole. Pull. Ta da connected. This takes a bit of time, but its fun.
So there will be a slit on both ends of every strip except the first and last one. I did have one towel that was thin and on some of those I just tied.

Now roll them into a ball… I had help..



Then you knit! I used a 17 straight for mine. It wasnt super tight, like the one in Natural Nursery Knits, so it turned out floppy. More like a bowl.


Totally had a perma grin when I finished!
Happy ripping!


Just a few photos of us Knitterly chica’s outside the yarn shop. We get our bake on, brush a few horses, feed baby sheep/baby goats and just have a good time!
( we have a few shy shop girls.. Camera shy or not we love them all!)






Happy crafting!