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Saturday we had a dye workshop at Twirl in Napa, CA. The most amazing views!



Some coffee and pastries

We all talked and some brought knitting (smarty pants! I wished I had some) and Mary gave us the skinny on her experience and how she came to live on the amazing (seriously! Amazing!) 2,000 acre ranch in Napa. Surrounded by all the wonderful animals she loves and names.

She shared her love of fiber and could barley hold back from just tossing the soft fiber on us (wishful thinking??) it was so soft and really white.

Then we “foraged” for dye.. And by we I mean I gabbed away and watched all the happy dyers cut, pick, and pluck, for the dye baths.

(Heading out in the mule to hunt)

A soon to be dye!!

We had four fiber choices to choose from. We could choose two from each table… I chose one of each fiber.

We all picked a little something to put our yarn in..

Then we plopped our yarn in the “vats” which all varied in sizes and materials. Bowls, pots set on camping stoves, and a huge iron pot on a fire (hot people).
While we waited for our yarn to have a relaxing tub of color we had a nice tour of a small part of Mary’s home.






So much to see and do and to be done out here. It’s truly a hard working duo that keep this ranch running. The animals are loved and cared for and the garden is beautiful. It’s a peaceful place to be and a great way to disconnect from the phone and enjoy your surroundings.
I will share more but I’m leaving this as a “to be continued”. I took photos of my yarn and will be collecting photos of other dye day ladies too. Can’t wait to share!
Happy knitting!


Well I was working a couple Saturdays ago and in front of the shop there was this surfer-ish guy putting his kid in the car. I really liked his style. He had this knit hat on that was super cool. It really wasn’t the hat it was the yarn. A ombre sunset-esque , probably wool. I loved. So what does a knitter do?? You know! Make one!! I’m on it, in P Town we get really chilly evening nights. This will be an all summer long hat.
I grabbed some Noro to get the Ombré look and I plan to do a knit 1, purl 1 rib… Check out my Ravelry page and ill update as soon as I finish!

This is not the hat or the man I saw… But he is a surfer in a beanie. Swoon! A cute surfer😉 (Keith Malloy)
Happy knitting
*and the original pic sans the pink arrow is from


We all have those projects. You know the one. The one you carry everywhere, botch the pattern daily and rip it multiple times -Ugh!
I have been knitting this sweater for a few weeks now. Putting it aside because I need to focus and its almost impossible with my mini’s around.
I didn’t pick up my wrap and turns, I lost track of my rows, I missed the *note* that in bold said “at the same time shape neck edge”, then I picked up my wraps and it looked terrible… I’m convinced this is the last time I will cast on and knit the short rows!

The yarn is SOO nice I’m loving all the knitting I’m getting out of this first skein. The yarn is not being destroyed being ripped and knitted so many times – such a good sign of a quality yarn. My Mom laughed when I told her that I’m really getting my money’s worth because I’m reuniting it so much … But it’s true. It’s like bonus knitting.
This go around I wrote all my knitted rows and paid attention to where I needed to start the neck shaping. And I did not pick up the wraps this time (because it looked like a Tetris price for some reason even I did pick them up… It looks better if I skip that part.) I’m really happy with the way it has turned out so far. Smooth with a perfect rounded edge.
It’s also a quick knit, I’m using # 11 for the body and sleeves and then # 15 for the edging. So if I can ever get the hang of it I will be smoking this pattern in a week or so. Wish me good knitting “ju-ju” ha ha
Happy re knitting knitting

*pattern: Color Flow Cardigan
Size: Small
Yarn: Anna 70% wool/ 30% cotton
*imperial stock ranch yarn*
Needle: Dreamz 32″ #11/15
(I love my interchangeable kit!!)

Ok party people!! This retreat will be epic! For real! We met Jeanne (the “ranch wife” as she calls herself) and she is awesome. I had a million questions after leaving and her love for the ranches history is absolutely contagious.
Enjoy this photos and I will share more tomorrow (after smooching up my fam, sleeping and COFFEEE) he he







Happy knitting


She’s done it again! The shop looks amazing and there is a whole new batch of fun cowl kits. New kits filled with awesome yarn that has not been kitted up before. Come check it out and see how Shelli has switched things up.

Happy Friday!


Packing for a knitting retreat… Well I started preparing for our weekend retreat at Imperial Stock Ranch!! Yeee!!
The retreat sort of fell through.. But we really wanted to go still so its happening for a mini group. A pre-retreat, retreat! Excited to give you a taste of what we will be experiencing in October! {Reserve your spot asap}… After you see InstaGram pics and blogs and hear my incessant talking of Imperial Ranch you will be obsessed too.
Sooo back to my packing… Made some meals and stashed them in the freezer, prepared snacks, and baked Paleo treats for the Fam while I’m away.. Then the hard part. Packing. What shoes do I bring? How many projects? I’m going to a ranch- dirt, dust, the wide open 😉 and Omigosh have you checked a bag lately?! Paying for my clothing and toothbrush to have a seat (in cargo!) seems a LOT ridiculous! So no that won’t be happening. So flip flops in the bag Frye boots on the feet. I still felt torn between clothing and knit projects. Maybe ill wear the same outfit everyday so I can fit more yarn in… Or I can be completely realistic and bring ONE project because with all good intention aside that is all there is time for⏳
When I found out about the retreat I practically had Imperial on speed dial. I called had a lovely chat with the owners daughter in law and ordered a sweater kit. I started it, wound my yarn and packed it tight. I’m hoping being at the ranch will be motivation to wear it by the end of the weekend.
I’m romanticizing about sunsets, barns and beautiful animals (and cowboy coffee- black and strong)
We will be posting photos on InstaGram {if we have service} through out the weekend and ill definitely do a post about this adventure! Super excited!
Happy Knitting!



Mothers day… To a knitter (you know the kind who LOVE knitting…) is a day to get away with knitting all day! Am I right?! I know I am! Family, food, getting out side in this gorgeous weather, yes all of that. But knitting mostly 😘 However this past Sunday was filled with a whole lot of family and fun… And I didn’t even end up knitting until everyone was home and the kids were in bed, ha! So much for assuming knitting would make the perfect day.
{You know what they say about assuming 😉. }
It was the best Mother’s Day! The best company, yummy food, and awesome weather!
We had breakfast and hoola hooped




20130514-065550.jpg (ha ha .. So fun!)
And there was cake baking with my sweet cousin

The brother played music for the kids (and tuned the guitar😁)

My mini rocked Madre’s newest creation (keep an ear out and one eye on Ravelry!)

And there were other beautiful things from awesome people

Hope your day was as happy (and fun) as ours!


Happy Knitting!


It’s interesting what brings us from one season in our lives to the next. My Mom, Shelli, has worn many hats. She really is the ‘Jane of all trades’. She was the stay at home Mom who coached my softball, helped my Girl Scout troop, drove me to surf camp at fourteen and let me be independent. She is the worlds best Mom and always puts my brother and I first.. Well maybe my kids now;D Her knitting career started as a kid with my Great Grandmother, Thelma, and her truly awesome domestic life skills. So when at fifteen I had suggested to we learn to knit she did what any mother to a teenager (who suggests hanging out!) would do…. She hauled butt to the closest knit shop and signed us up. The shop she found was in Santa Rosa and was an old victorian house. The front end was the yarn shop and the back was the woman’s house. I thought it was so cool. We took the class, our teacher was patient.. I was fifteen so one can imagine. I of course was not interested in making a gauge or a washcloth ha. So she set me up with a set of DPN’s ( I am a firm beleiver in ‘if you don’t know it’s difficult… then its not’) I made a beanie for my boyfriend of course ( I later married the boy… Yet to forgive him for not LOVING the beanie I knitted him so excitedly- don’t knit for boys unless asked to) Over the years I knit random things but didn’t take another class. My crafty friends and I would get together and make hats, mini pouches… Nothing big. My Mom however was busy taking every class and diving into a new love… Fibers! I was nineteen and living in South Lake Tahoe when my Mom told me she was going to open a yarn shop. ‘Before someone else does’ is what she told me. I pretty much moved home immediately and May of 2004 she opened Knitterly. We started in a tiny tiny corner of another shop called ‘shelter’ (funny huh) then moved to a bigger, that’s an understatement, building a few doors down. We literally rolled the racks down the street wrapped in saran wrap so the yarn wouldn’t fall off the shelves. My parents are very resourceful and my brother has a lot of friends who will work for my Mom’s baked goods;D
Two years at that location, out of the walking traffic and a few side view mirrors being taken off by the busy traffic later… She moved the shop again. This time to it’s final home, #1 Fourth street! We have now been open for nine years, just this month and we love the location or neighboring businesses and our loyal customers. With my Mom’s need to ever better herself and business an online shop was being discussed. After a lot of time, talking, planning, and yarn shopping… She did it!! May 1 2013 Knitterly the online shop opened. In a comedy of errors we have managed to get LOTS of photos on the site… however some are lacking in true color accuracy. The Habu and Be Sweet seem to turn out fine but Twirl is looking less than it’s fabulous self. Being a new shop there will be some, understandable, errors. But she has an awesome team that is constantly working hard to get things running smoothly.
For now you can buy Habu, Be Sweet, Freia, Imperial, Isager, Madeline Tosh, and last but not least Twirl. It’s so exciting! I can hardly believe it’s open.
The websites new “face” will be getting some ‘work’ done as well ;D you will love it!
This is why my intention of all last weeks blogs did not come into fruition, my apologies…. It was ‘under construction’. Whitni our computer chick and her team have created a new look. an online shop and a pretty face for our blog. She will be linking up my old site to the new one until it’s all moved over. Thank you for your continued patience and reading the blog. I love that you do!!
I am so proud of all the hard work my Mom is always putting in to her life, career and family!
She rocks!

Check out our shop and website.
Happy Knitting


We have become a little fancy! Shelli’s Necessary Cowl pattern is now available in the super cute/ easy to travel postcard! On the reverse side there is a little info on Shelli and the shop. (And a cute photo)
I love it!
Happy Knitting!

Butter and Egg Days!! This weekend! We have our festive shop window bringing in lots of smiling kids and sentimental adults…. And those who are like “why the heck do you have chicks in your window?!” Ha
Either way they are adorable, fluffy, and have their own song of scratching and cheeping around their happy pen in the Knitterly window.
After the parade all the chicks will go to their new homes. We have been selling them (pretty sure Cheryl is a happy Mamna of four.. Chickie’s)
The window is also decorated in goofy/ fun puppets. Folkmanis makes pretty great puppets. The crazy looking chicken is my fave! There are cows, chickens, chicks, mini bunnies, and our usual suspects of alpaca, sheep, rabbits, and llama. Such a good time!
Our window is B&E ready! Knitterly will be closed… We will be open Sunday, for the Antique Faire!!


Happy Petaluma weekend!!